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Found this index of Wythe Co. records with all sorts of
Reader/Reeder/Rheadors, including Josia Reeder, witness to will of
Thadeus Cooley on 10/20/1814 (Wythe Co. Will Book 2) and Jacob Reeder,
inventory of estate of "Thaddeus" Cooley on 4/20/1815 (Adventutes III-2)


On 12/29/2011 3:38 PM, Michael Cooley wrote:
> John Clauss has been keeping me updated on his research for Thadeus Cooley
> of Wythe county VA. He believes Thadeus was a brother of Abraham Cooley (m
> Sarah Reeder). Here's his reasoning.
> -Michael
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> Michael,
> I have done more work on Thadeus and Abraham Cooley, and now convinced
> that Thadeus who lived in Montgomery/Wythe Co, VA is a brother of Abraham
> Cooley from England, who lived in Surrey Co, NC then settled in Grayson
> Co, VA (now part of Carroll Co). Abraham's wife was Sarah Reeder. Thadeus
> had several encounters with the Reeder family, including land sales and
> witness for his will. Thadeus sister Rachel Cooley Grayson lived in
> Grayson Co. So did Thadeus' eldest son Daniel. Daniel's will probation
> had a Benjamin (Franklin) Cooley on the court jury - Abraham's son.
> Thadeus and Abraham were about same age. Too many coincidences. I read
> an old Cooley family researcher's letter also concluding that Cooleys in
> Wythe and Grayson counties were related. I suspect their father was Peter
> Cooley from England.
> I need to update my Thadeus Cooley chart for you, which has some new
> additions/ changes. Have a good new year.
> John
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