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It's long been believed that she was Sarah Reeder, a French woman. I have
no idea where the notion originated or how reliable it is. I have this in
my notes:


Nov 6, 1968 ABRAHAM COOLEY “Cooley Family Association of America”
Mrs Dewey G Force, Genealogist, 1126 West Fourth Street, Willmar ,
Minnesota 56201
“In a letter dated July 27, 1934, Julia (Worrell) Gowdy * of Pleasant
Hill, Missouri, furnished me with a copy of a slip containing the
information given to her by her mother concerning Abraham Cooley”----so
writes Sydney Bruce Jones, who has gotten some data together. “Copy of the
“Our great grandfather Cooley was an Englishman, his name was Abraham. He
crossed the ocean to America when comparatively a young man. His wife was
of French descent, her name was Sarah Reeder. They came to New York,
grandfather was 7 years old when his father moved from New York to North
Carolina. They remained there for five years and then moved to Virginia.
They lived there the rest of their lives. Grandfather Benjamin Franklin
Cooley was about 12 years old when he came to Virginia and lived there all
the rest of his life.”

Certainly, if Abraham turns out to be a DNA match, we'll need to look
closer at that.


> I just noticed this on page 17: 20 Mar. 1786. Abraham (X) Cooley and
> wife Sarah (X) to Henry Burcham....
> Did we already know that Abe's wife was a Sarah?
> Jim
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>>> Where is the link, Michael?
>>> Jeanette
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>>>> I sent some of you this link last summer. I don't think I've sent it
>>>> to
>>>> the list before now. For those of you new to researching John Cooley,
>>>> this
>>>> should be a good intro.
>>>> I commissioned Jo to do this for me twenty years ago. As some of you
>>>> know,
>>>> I don't much care for PDFs because of their limitations on the web.
>>>> But
>>>> it's certainly better than nothing--and PDF files are easy to print
>>>> out.
>>>> The link to the file itself is near the bottom of this page:
>>>> Feel free to circulate as you see fit.
>>>> -Michael
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