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Is there confirmation that Sarah Matthews Cooley is the mother of William Matthews Cooley? That is more than we had but how certain is that? The middle name of William is surely something to go on.
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  Inconclusive. :(

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  I believe that I picked up the name of Sarah Matthews COOLEY and her son
  William Matthews COOLEY in the book Maury County Cousins. Since my
  search was centered on the male descendants of James MATTHEWS, Sr. and
  John DOAK, I did not further pursue the surname COOLEY.

  My info says this: p. 190
  "The following names often associated with James (Sr) and Mary MATTHEWS
  possibly were their children, but verification has not yet been found:
  Sarah Matthews, who married a COOLEY, and had a son William Matthews
  COOLEY - - -
  * Mussendine Matthews, Rev. War soldier, who died in Iredell County in
  1830 - - -
  and Robert Matthews, who died in Iredell County ca 1819 - - - -"

  NB: Later evidence suggests that this * Mussendine Matthews was not a son
  of James Sr.

  As you have discovered, many of the biographical books pertaining to early
  TN and NC families are far from accurate. When I was working in Salt Lake
  City FHC, I set out to read all the books pertaining to the Matthews
  surname, especially in Maury Co., TN. I found contradictions galore.
  Legal records were the best means of delineating the families.

  I am sorry that I cannot verify the name of the Cooley man to whom Sarah
  Matthews was married.

  Best regards,
  Helen Odum Harrell

  Then I listed the several works in chronological order, and was amazed to
  learn that many of the authors either gave no documentation, or simply
  cited another of the books, and some of the more recent compilers cited
  each other!

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  Hi Helen!

  I received your email address from Steve Matthews.

  A descendant of William Matthews Cooley has yDNA-matched to me and nine
  others. We are probably all descendants of John Cooley of Stokes county

  Steven tells me that you have a book that says WMC's mother was Sarah
  Matthews. I'm very interested in knowing what the source of that
  information is. A bad genealogy was written in the 1930s led us all
  astray, but DNA in the last few years have proven that wrong.

  My page for WMC is at

  The website for John, his probable father, is at . Abraham's family is pretty much
  worked out. We've never been able to find anything that associates it with
  the John Cooley family.

  If this pans out, you will have many hundreds of names to read into your

  I can't wait to hear from you!

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