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Hi, all, This is very interesting, and reminded me of a passage in Robert Morgan's 2008 book "Boone." Chapter 5, "Visions of Eden" on page 94 (of the paperback edition I have), where Morgan describes Daniel Boone and a party of fellow "long hunters" heading into the relatively undiscovered lands (by white men) of Kentucky in 1769: "Of the party of six -- Boone, Findley, Stewart, James Mooney, Joseph Holder, and William Cooley--three had been beyond the mountains before: Boone and Findley, of course, and John Stewart, who the previous year had gone on the hunting adventure with Benjamin Cutbirth and a few others all the way into future Tennessee and had carried their furs and hides to market in New Orleans." But this hunting foray was not as successful; Shawnees ultimately looted and destroyed their hunting camps. Cooley, Findley and others had had enough and said they were returning to North Carolina. Boone and Stewart stayed to try to track down the horses the Indians had stolen, were captured and tormented (but not tortured this time) by the Indians, but eventually escaped. Cooley isn't mentioned again in this history, and it left me wondering: who was this William Cooley, and how is he related to my line of Cooleys? Joseph's daughter Elizabeth was my great-great-great-great grandmother. thanks, Kate Howard Duncan ________________________________ From: Michael Cooley <michael_at_newsummer.com> To: John Cooley Mailing List <undisclosed.recipients_at_johncooley.net> Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 9:22 AM Subject: [Fwd: Re: Sarah Matthews m Cooley] Yahoo! But let's not get too excited. We need to study the book. But it makes sense! I'll email Helen right away. -Michael ---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: Re: Sarah Matthews m Cooley From:    "Michael Cooley" <michael_at_newsummer.com> Date:    Wed, November 23, 2011 6:20 am To:      "Steve Matthews" <tunkin67_at_gmail.com> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is fantastic Steve! You may know that William Matthews Cooley went to Stewart County. Which of your Matthews ancestor went there? I'll email Helen right away! I'm also forwarding this email to my John Cooley Mailing List. If this pans out, you'll be able to read many more hundreds of names into your GEDCOM! :) You'll hear again from me soon. Thanks! > Michael: > > First, the source:  James Stuart and Mary Matthews of Wilcox County, > Alabama, Book by Helen Odum Harrell. Her email is:  heyladyh_at_yahoo.com > > The citation is on page 191. Helen is very thorough. As you can see from > my > record, Sarah's husband is either John S. or Abraham Cooley. Sarah is the > daughter of James Matthews, Sr., our Matthews immigrant. James came to the > USA in 1718, in September, along w/several brothers & sisters. They landed > in Boston & moved to Chester/Lancaster Co., PA & remained there for 5 > years, then moved to Southside Virginia and from there, to Rowan Co., NC > in > 1753. > > Sarah's Mother was Mary McGill.  She is buried in Mecklenburg Co., NC. > Sarah's siblings were Robert, William, James Jr., Margaret, Mary & > Mussendine. I believe a John as well. Thus, your William Cooley may have > been named for his uncle. I further suspect that a Samuel & Thomas were > also brothers of Sarah. > > Most of the family moved to Tennessee in the early 1800s, most to Maury > Co., although mine went to Stewart Co.  Three of Mussendine's sons went to > Sumner Co., TN. > > You should know that Rowan Co. was subdivided into a great number of > counties. Robert & Mussendine were in Iredell Co., William was in > Mecklenburg Co.  They were also listed in Surry & Guilford Co. at times. > Thus, it is hard to say what county Sarah was married in. I would suspect > either Guilford or Rowan. > > I took the Family Finder Test at Family Tree DNA, as well as the Y-37 & > mt. > It provides through your 6th cousin both Y & mt. I will check my plethora > of matches for the name Cooley and get back to you. > > The Mathew [original spelling] was NOT Irish, although they emigrated from > Ireland. Our forbear, Sir George, was removed from Wales to Tipperary Co., > Ireland in 1608. My branch, including James and his brothers eventually > ended up in N. Ireland, Co. Down. The McGill family was from Scotland > originally but were also removed to Ireland at about the same time. Thank > you King James :-) > > Let me know if I can provide you with additional information. > > Steve Matthews > > > On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:48 PM, Michael Cooley > <michael_at_newsummer.com>wrote: > >> Hi Stephen, >> >> Jane Wisdom gave me you email address. >> >> A descendant of William Matthews Cooley has tested his Y chromosome. >> It's >> a match to ten descendants of John Cooley of Surry/Stokes co NC >> (including >> me). You mention on your ancestry page that William's mother was Sarah >> Matthews. Can you tell me what the source for that information is? >> Others >> also list her as being married to a Cooley. I suspect she's found on a >> Matthews record somewhere as "Sarah Cooley." Do you know anything about >> that? >> >> One of the deeds in Surry county has John styled as Jno S Cooley. He >> never >> appears that way in any of the dozens of other records for him so I >> suspect this was a transcription error. The only other Cooley >> head-of-household for the period was Abraham Cooley, but we've never >> been >> able to find a connection. I've been searching for several years for a >> descendant of Abe's to Y test. >> >> We know a lot about William Matthews Cooley. He's found associated with >> John Cooley's family in several ways and we feel pretty confident that >> his >> father was John, but Abraham is not discounted. >> >> Here's my page for John Cooley: >> >> http://ancestraldata.com/ahnentafel/256/ >> >> This is my page for William Matthews Cooley: >> >> http://ancestraldata.com/ahnentafel/256/StewartCoTN.html >> >> It would be a huge coup for us to prove John's wife. A genealogy done in >> the 1930s has mislead researchers for all of this years. Any help you >> can >> provide--even if just the names of other researchers--would be a great >> help. >> >> Thanks! >> >> -Michael >> >> >> > -- <a href="http://newsummer.com/distlist">distlist 0.9</a> See http://ancestraldata.com/listarchive/johncooleylist/ for list information.
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