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Albert D. Cooley and his wife Alice A. (nee Sutherland from Muskegon, Michigan) had no children.
The only thing I know about Perrin C. Cooley's father is from Perrin's Montana death certificate which states the name of his father and his mother's maiden name are unknown but both were born in Kentucky. This death certificate info was provided by son Joseph C. Cooley. I have not found out anything more about Perrin C. Cooley's father; however, this summer while going through my mother's effects we came across what appears to be the circa 1865 wedding photo of Perrin C. Cooley and wife Margaret Ann (nee Reed) . Written on the back of the photo is "John grand pa & ma Cooley", John being my father, John M. Cooley.


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Thanks, Joel! Did Albert have any children?
My dad died last May. He was a gunner over the Pacific. He'd have been
appy to have known about your uncle and that the two had the same Y
hromosome! :)
Have you made any progress on PC's father? It's certainly one of the
hings always in the back of my mind while researching.
> Michael,

 You are correct. Albert Dustin Cooley was my uncle, son of Joseph C.
 Cooley and Suphronia (nee Lane) Cooley, and grandson of Perrin C. Cooley.

 Joel L. Cooley, Burke, Virginia

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 I think this is the son of Joseph Custer Cooley (Perrin C Cooley, ??
 Cooley, prob John Cooley).


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