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Thanks, Beverly. I do have that in my notes but others may not. I think
we're pretty solid on WMC's children. To summarize, this is what I'm

1-What do we have that shows that the Jonathan Cooley of Henry Co TN in
1830 and 1840 is "our" Jonathan and, if it is and, if he was Amy's
husband, why is she in MO in the same year?

2-You sent this email. Are the parents of these kids named in the deed?
What are the other particulars: date? deeded from? to whom?

There were 7 children listed in the Deed Book 2, from Marshall Co., KY.

James B
William M
George D
Ann Eliza
Isabelle Anne

I haven't researched this line much and have always taken it as a given
that Amy was Jonathan's wife but has gotten me to doubt it.

If that is WMC's Jonathan in 1840 Henry, then he might have had a much
larger family than we suspected.


> Here is a Pleas before the Worshipful etc. proving the children of WMC
and Ann Cooley.
> ---------------------------
> William G is not mentioned in the above list of heirs even though he is
listed as an heir elsewhere. It has been proven that William G was a son
of Joel.
> Appropriate punctuation is missing, but I've tried to type it just as it
> We are getting ready to leave for the day, but I'll try to work on these
questions this weekend.
> Beverly
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> On Oct 27, 2011, at 10:53 PM, Michael Cooley wrote:
>> I'm not sure what the evidence is that the Henry county Jonathan was WMC's
>> son.
>> -Michael
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