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According to the 1812 Tax list which included Randolph White, apparently the
White family came to Mo. after Joseph, James, Daniel and Perrin Cooley.
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>I wrote a little while ago regarding my thoughts about John Cooley's
> death. I believe it happened in 1811 because 1) that's the year he last
> appears on any public record 2) his sons Joseph, Perrin and James went to
> MO that year 3) son Edward left the old home in NC to IN that year and 3)
> son Cornelius last appeared in KY in 1810 and appears c1814 in TN living
> near William Matthews Cooley--the idea being that he too may have moved in
> 1811.
> Looking at an old FGS for Joseph Cooley by Jim Terry just now I see this
> note for Joseph's daughter Polly:
> --quote--
> 10. Warren County, Kentucky Marriages 1797-1850 (Indianapolis, Ind. : The
> Researchers, 1985?), p. 27. Jesse Mitchell and Polly Cooley, 22 Mar
> 1811. Joseph Cooley is named as Polly Cooley's father. .... Jordan Dodd,
> Kentucky Marriages to 1850, [database online] Provo, UT:,
> 1997. Electronic transcription of marriage records held by the individual
> counties in Kentucky.
> --endquote--
> Can we assume from this that Joseph's family was still in KY on 22 March
> 1811? Are there other such tidbits of info about the family for that year?
> In other words, might we be able to deduce at about what time of the year
> the group traveled to MO? It might help us get a better idea on when John
> may have died.
> If I recall, Rick Ernst was doing some research on that trip and had
> compiled a list of people who may have been on it--perhaps the White
> family as well. Does anyone know about that?
> Midterms have kept me very busy lately so haven't been posting much. It's
> going to be crazy the next 6 weeks!
> -Michael
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