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Remember the conversation about Pleasant Wilson that was the administrator for the estate of James Cooley(John, St.)? He was the son in law of Henry Burnam that was also mentioned in that estate.

Last night I relooked at the 1840 census in Howard County for John Cevly(Cooley). Next door to this John Cooley(Joseph, John, Sr.) is Foster Burnam. That is a son of Henry Burnam. Since I have the Burnam history as my mother was a Burnam, I looked up the marriage of Pleasant Wilson. He married Henry Burnam's daughter in Estill Co., Ky. before coming to Mo. just a few years later than the Cooley's.

My question is: Has anyone found where James Cooley(John, Sr.) was living before coming to Mo.? I thought all the Burnams had come from Madison but it looks like Henry's bunch was mixed between Estill and Madison. I wonder of James Cooley could have been there. I can't totally confirm but I have been told through the years that many of the Burnams were also horse breeders, especially mules.

It is interesting that these two families intertwined and if my parents knew it, they did not tell me. It has been a big surprise.
Dad descended from the White, Cooley and Teters in College Mound and Mom was from the Burnams and the Fowlers. Our Burnam branch ventured into Macon County but they also started in Howard and Randolph. I am now curious if James Cooley and the Henry Burnam family may have known each other in Ky. Pobably cannot prove that but perhaps Estill Co. is a good place to look for James Cooley before coming to Mo. Or has this already been thoroughly researched? If James Cooley was a horse trainer than as Michael has written, he probably knew all the horse ranches in that part of Ky and Mo.
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