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I beat you to it; that's me standing between Edward on the left and Martha on
the right. E.C. is at the end of Edward's plot.

I seem to recall from earlier research some suspicions that the Cooley's and
Brewer's knew each other well and came from North Carolina around the same
period. Note some of the inscriptions on the Brewer headstones that I included.
I am am trying to remember if an Elizabeth Cooley married the Rev. John Brewer.

More clues to follow as always but, could yield meaningful information.


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I wonder if that's the eighth child. Perhaps its his mother. The 1820
census shows -two- women over 45:

1820 Federal Census Washington Co IN
Series: M33 Roll: 14 Page: 324

Edward Cooley 011101 00102 003

1 male 10-16
1 male 16-18
1 male 18-26
1 male 45+
1 female 16-26
2 females 45+

I'd love ta git holda dem bones!

I hope to see their graves one day. I want a pic of me laying between
them. :)


> Michael,
> My girlfriend and I had an opportunity to venture down to Salem, Indiana
> and
> make a trek through the corn to visit the Cooley - Brewer Cemetery. It was
> nice
> to see someone is making an effort to keep it maintained and mowed. It was
> also
> nice to see Edward and Martha's headstones still standing and
> identifiable. Just
> at the foot of Edward's plot is a very small headstone with just the
> initials
> E.C.
> I will send a couple of photos when i get them uploaded.
> Patrick Cooley
> Indianapolis
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> Subject: John Cooley's family
> If we can firm up the first generations, say to John Cooley's
> grandchildren, we will have entered an era largely awash in records.
> Future researchers should be able to tie to the family with relative ease.
> I think it's a doable task, but there are areas in even the second
> generation that are still questionable. Those of you who have followed the
> list from the beginning know that recently discovered records and a DNA
> match make it probable that we have identified another of John's sons,
> William Matthews Cooley.
> But what about his daughters? I don't think I've had received
> correspondence or seen posts about either Hannah or Elizabeth. This is
> what I have for them on my "FGS" at
> :
> --quote--
> Hannah Cooley (1774-) Believed to have been born in Surry County, NC.
> (often cited as Stokes county but that wasn't formed until 1789). There is
> a Hannah Cooley listed as witness to a deed along with John and John
> Cooley Jr (Bk E p 229, 11 Aug 1792, Richard Goode to Reuben Sparks).
> Married Luke Barnett/Burnett 23 Dec 1795. It's worth noting that her
> niece, Joanna Cooley (daughter of Edward), was referred to as "Hanah" in a
> family bible record. In other words, should we be looking for a Joanna
> Cooley Barnett?
> Elizabeth Cooley (1783-) Believed to have married William Blackburn 19 Sep
> 1805 in Stokes County NC. A William Blackburn can be found on the 1810
> census for Casey county, KY (1 male 26-44, 3 females under 10, 1 female
> 26-44). It's not known if he's the same man. He may have been the son of
> Newman Blackburn and grandson of Ambrose Blackburn. As I suspect is true
> for the Cooleys, the Blackburns came to Town Fork Settlement NC from
> Caroline County VA.
> --endquote--
> -Michael
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