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Yes, we believe that Elizabeth Cooley was the daughter of John Cooley
Bearden, but Elizabeth and EC were born before the marriage. Therefore, we
think John could have been the John who married Eliza Locke.

The 1840 census for John Cooley in Randolph MO county appears to be John
and Martha:

2 males under 5 (Milo and Willow? - same person?)
1 male 5-9 (EC)
1 male 30-39 (John)
1 female 5-9 (Elizabeth m Bailey)
1 female 15-19 (Julia Ann?)
1 female 30-39 (Martha)
1 female 50-59 ( !!!! )

I think Milo and Willow are the same person. The third male child could
have been the man who married Nancy. But EC's first wife was Nancy Ann
Nippen. Can't find her on the 1870 census--nor Mary Ann Storey.

I have notes for John in two places:

Notes for James are here:

Some of that is old and some of it we now discount.


> On 10/10/2011 5:07 PM, Michael Cooley wrote:
>> Yes, this is the James Cooley we're wondering about. Had John Cooley
>> died
>> and then did Martha marry James? We know from census records that the
>> father of Milo, EC and Elizabeth was born in MO.
>> I think this James belonged to Perrin, but he also fits as Joseph's
>> James--except that some of us think that's the James who died c1829,
>> Jane
>> White's husband.
>> According to the 1880 census, Elizabeth Cooley Bailey's mother was born
>> in
>> TN. That wouldn't fit with what we've seen for Martha. Does anyone know
>> where the mother of Joseph Cooley's (John, Joseph, John) wife, Elizabeth
>> Locke, was born? It would be interesting to see mtDNA that has passed
>> down
>> her matrilineage. In other words, if Eliza and Elizabeth Locke were
>> sisters, they could have matching mtDNA floating around to this day.
>> I think Jim Cooley may be right when he suggested that the Nancy Cooley
>> below was EC's first wife--but she had a nine year-old child.
>> -Michael
> EC
> +Nancy
> +Mary
> doesn't look promising. In 1860 Nancy has a 2 year old and an infant.
> At the same time EC is with Mary and a 1 year old. The timeline stinks.
> If I had access to the 1860 images I'd double check those ages for a
> start. Do you have the pre-1850 census' for these people? Martha might
> have had another son b. 1830ish d. abt 1859 who married the widow, Nancy.
> This COOLEY stuff was supposed to be in the msg about the John Calvin
> BAILEY/Elizabeth F. COOLEY family. The 2 families lived close
> together; The BAILEYs were all b. VA, including James C., EF b. MO,
> newlywed! (17, no kids) James & Martha came from MO > TN 1840-1848;
> Nancy's 9 year old from a previous marriage?? The gap is suggestive.
> So, 1847-48, Martha's kids were getting married in TN (spouses all b.
> TN), & they all seem to have left Dickson Co. aft1860. John & Elizabeth
> living with the CANNON family (Kin?) in 1870 Tipton Co., TN & returned
> to Dickson Co. bef 1880. I didn't try to track Martha's other kids off
> into the wilderness as I know you guys been working on that for some time.
> Why did Elizabeth F. go to TN to get married? Mommy & Daddy took her
> with them when they went. Is she Martha's dau? I couldn't find any
> records except the cemetery & that's circumstantial. No birth, marriage
> or death records that I could find. How about someone steal a time
> machine, go back & ask?
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> Curt, in Phoenix, Arizona
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