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On 9/27/2011 7:40 PM, Michael Cooley wrote:
> If we can accept the birth date of 1810 for Tink and 1818 for Mathias as
> anchors and the birth order from the "letters" then we come up with pretty
> much what I posted earlier for the younger kids. My only question would be
> whether Matthias and William were really born in the same year and were
> twins.

If this is Timothy, aka "Tink", then his birth date is pretty well nailed

1850 Macon Co., MO
Timothy Cooly M 39 KY farmer
Lucinda Cooly F 33 KY
Malinda P Cooly F 16 MO
Benjamin Cooly M 14 MO
Rebecca Cooly F 12 MO
Thomas G Cooly M 10 MO
David S Cooly M 8 MO
John E Cooly M 4 MO
Mary F Cooly F 2 MO
James P Cooly M 2m MO
film: 443613 dgs: 4200565
image: 335 dwelling: 627
family: 637

1860 East Chariton, Macon, MO
Timothy Cooley 53 M KY
Lucinda Cooley 44 F KY
John Cooley 18 M MO
David Cooley 17 M MO
J T Cooley 14 M MO
Mary Cooley 12 F MO
Preston Cooley 10 M MO
Jesse Cooley 8 M MO
William Cooley 5 M MO
Jemima Cooley F MO
page: 135 family: 915
film: 803631 dgs: 4233980
image: 298 nara: M653

1870 La Plata, Bevier, Macon, MO
16 16
Thomas J. Cooley 30 M MO farmer
Mahala 22 F MO
Ida R. 5 F MO
David A. 3 M MO
Eva Nora 1 F MO
18 18
Timothy Cooley M 61 KY farmer
Lucinda Cooley F 55 KY
Preston Cooley M 20 MO
Jesse D Cooley M 18 MO
William Cooley M 14 MO
19 19
John E. Cooley 25 M MO farmer
Belle 21 F MO
Mary E. 5 F MO
Rueben 4 M MO
Albert 2 M MO

Timothy COOLEY Self M Male W 71 KY Farmer KY SC
Lucinda COOLEY Wife M Female W 63 KY Keeping House KY KY
M. William COOLEY Son S Male W 23 MO Works At Home KY KY
Source Information: 1880 US Census
Census Place Bevier, Macon, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254701
NA Film Number T9-0701
Page Number 472C

1Feb1810 KY - 28dec1893, buried at Cooley Banta Cem., Bevier, Macon, MO

This findagrave listing has no photo of a stone. It may be a memorial
rather than a transcription. Some people have confused findagrave with
WorldConnect. I've seen too many listings with msgs like "I know
they're in this county somewhere, so I put them here."

Curt, in Phoenix, Arizona
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