[List] William Cooley Family, 1870

Dennis A. Young day at eskimo.com
Mon Feb 18 23:16:27 PST 2008

Hi --

I've been doing a little work in the 1870 census, and I've run across two 
nearly identical families in Haysville, Marion Co., KY:

Page 20B, Enum 20 Jun 1970, O. Ames
(Ancestry images 0042-0043)
36 13 13 Cooly, William    39 M W KY
37              Amanda     34 F W KY
38              George     15 M W KY
39              John       13 M W KY
40              Betty      11 F W KY
  1              Robert      9 M W KY
  2              Augusta     7 M W KY
  3              James       3 M W KY

Page 21A, Enum 22 Jul 1870, O. Ames
(Ancestry image 0043)
28 21 21 Cooly, William    38 M W KY
29              Amanda     30 F W KY
30              George     13 M W KY
31              John H     11 M W KY
32              Elizabeth   7 F W KY
33              William     5 M W KY
34              Augusta     4 F W KY
35              James       1 M W KY

One (or both) of these should be the family of William (4) Cooley [George 
W. (3), Reuben (2), John (1)] and Amanda Carpenter.  They both match up in 
names and approximate ages of where they should be, except each family is 
missing a different child, between Betty/Elizabeth and Augusta (William and 
Robert).  Both were enumerated by the same census taker, O. Ames, about a 
month apart.  The second family is further down on the same page as the end 
of the first family.

I checked the Cooley book and the usual online sources, and I haven't found 
any other families that are similar.  Looking at the pages before and 
after, the enumeration dates really are a month apart.  The enumerator 
appears to have visited other towns in the interim, and apparently didn't 
notice that he counted the same family twice.

Does anyone have any other explanation for the duplication?


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