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My primary interest is locating the ancestry of my  great-grandparents Peter 
P. Cooley and Elizabeth Steele.   I have this much thus far =
1811  New Madrid earthquake
1815  Dorcas Cooley  born (dtr of a Peter  Cooley)
1826  Benjamin Steele b  Va
1829  John W, Steele b  Va
1832 May 20  Dorcas m John Criner b abt 1815  Va
(both abt age  17)
1833  Frances & Martha Ann Steele b  Va
1835  Elizabeth Davis Steele b  Va
1837  Joseph Steele   Va
1848  Aug 10  Martha m John Thompson b 1822  VA                               
                                                           (M age 15, J age  
1849  Martha's son James b  Va
1850  Elizabeth living with Martha &    family                                
                                                        in  Berkeley Va
1850  Aug 20 census a Peter Cooley age  25                           
(b 1825) in Clarke Co  as shoemaker
with  another age 40 and another age 19  
= apprentice?  indentured?                                                    
1853  July 11  Peter m Elizabeth Steele  
(E age 18, P age abt 30) 
1854  Feb  Norman G. b Va 
1857   April 12   Dorcus letter
1859  Mar 10  Charles R. b  Ky
1868  Feb  (Henry) Harry George b Ky
1872  Zotto b  Ky
1874  May 10  May French b WVa
1886  Aug 10   Winchester notice
1895  Nov 13  Elizabeth Cooley died
1896   July 1  Peter P. Cooley bur Dayton Nat. Cem.
1896  July 14   Harry m May French  
(H age 28, May age 22)
1897  May 10  Rhoda Elizabeth b Ky (my  mother)
1900  Jan 1  Charles French b - dec  1st Feb  1900

There is a Cooley I don't know where to place but I believe belongs in our  
family tree because this letter was in possession of my grandmother.   Dorcas 
is possibly a relative of Peter P. Cooley who married Elizabeth  Steele =
Dorcas Cooley b abt 1815 VA who married 20 May 1832 John  Criner b abt 1815, 
son of Elizabeth Griffey.
Frederick County Marriage Bonds,  by Joan D. Hackett & Rebecca D. Good, FHL 
#975.5992 V2h, p.208  
"19 May 1832  John Criner, son of Elizabeth Griffy, & Darcus  Cooley.   
Bondsman, Elizabeth Griffy."
Frederick County, Virginia  land deeds, Book 62, Page 214, FHL #31399  
"This indenture made the 10th day of January in the year 1834. Between John  
Criner and Dorcas his wife of Frederick County, Virginia of the one part, and  
Abraham Miller of the same county and state of the other part. Witnesseth: 
That  the said John Criner and dorcas his wife for and in consideration of the 
sum of  fifty dollars...in hand paid by the said Abraham Miller...confirm unto 
the said  Abraham Miller...certain real estates of which Peter Cooley father 
of the said  Dorcas dec'd siezed, lying in the village of Slab Town (?) in the 
County of  Frederick..."
Frederick County, Virginia land deeds, Book 64, Page 92, FHL #31400  
"This indenture made this 4th day of May in the year 1835. Between John 
Criner  and Dorcas his wife of the one part and Abraham Miller of the other part.  
Witnesseth that the said John Criner and Dorcas his wife for and in  
consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars...in hand paid by the said  Abraham 
Miller...confirm unto the said Abraham Miller...a certain piece or  parcel of 
land lying in Frederick County containing half an acre more or less  being 
property inherited by the said Dorcus from her father Peter Cooley lying  near the 
town of Winchester..."
Frederick County, Virginia land deeds, Book 65, Page 452, FHL #31401  
"This indenture made this 27th day of Dec. 1836. Between John Criner and 
Dorchus  his wife of the one part, I & W.G. Russell of the other part. Witnesseth, 
 That John Criner for and in consideration of five dollars...in hand paid by 
the  said I & W.G. Russell...confirm unto the said I & W.G. Russell...a  
certain lot of land lying...in the town or village of Slab Town (?)...property  of 
which Peter Cooly dec'd seized..."
Note:  There is a Slabtown over on the James River.
(Since Dorcas  inherited the land, does that mean she was an only child?)
Letter from Dorcas Criner transcribed as written .....
Winchester  Va   April the 12th 1857 
                     dear daughter  i now take this opertunity 
of aressing you a few lines  to let you 
know that i am well at present
hoping that you and your little  son is 
enjoying the same good blesing 
you write to and that if you don't  go
to the west in such a short time you
will bee up to see mee 
that i  am most afrade  that i will
not get to see you
lizey you must Come up  if you
can for i am All most Crazy to see
you   i  (don't?)  hear no more of the
smallpox now the worst of it is over
thare was one  Death from it after Cutley   
i a was glad to hear that
Peter  was well when you heard from
him    you must write as oftin as  you Can
and i will do the same
i wach the Cax* as regler as a Clock
to  see you Come
     if you Can Come up and stay
all summer with mee  i will
be very glad indeed
your cousin Maria sends her best
love to you  and says she would
like vary much to see you and she
says she will write  to you as soon
as she Can and you moust do the same
nothing more at  present
i remon  your Affectionate Mother
till  death          Dorcus  Criner
write soon

(* Cax or Cox or Cas or Cos)
Curiously, in Winchester, Frederick co VA 
the 1850 census lists Dorcas  age 51 (b 1799) with John age 35.
the 1860 census lists Dorcas age 45 (b  1815) with John age 45,
the 1870 census has no listing for them  anywhere,
the 1880 census lists Dorcas age 85 (b 1797) with John age  75.

NOTE: Chrutley Cooley, age 16 (= b 1834), in the 68th district  Wythe County, 
VA 1850 census, son of Frances (sic) & Sarah Cooley.   Francis age 48 (= b 
1802), Sarah age 47, dtrs Wanda age 21 (= b 1829), Mary age  18 (= b 1832).  All 
born in NC.

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