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Fri Jun 1 12:58:51 PDT 2007

I've mentioned on the page about the Stewart County TN Cooleys that William M
Cooley may have been the "Willm Cooley" mentioned in the 1787 Madison County
VA (now KY) tax list. I'm not so sure now. There was a William Cooley who,
according to his military pension application (#W6744), married Nancy Jones
there in 1793. He was born 3 Mar 1756 in Orange County NY and served in the NY
militia during the Revolution. He died in Milford twp, Butler county OH 11 Aug
1837. Nancy (Jones) Cooley later states in an affidavit for continuation of
the pension that they never had children.

A couple of interesting things about this. First, he was born in Orange county
NY where the John Cooley who married Elizabeth Firman was believed to have
been baptized in 1740. I haven't looked closely at those Cooleys but there
seems to have been a large family of that name by that time. So far, I see
nothing to suggest that William and John were closely related. But remember,
too, that John Cooley is no longer believed to have been our John because he
died in Maryland in 1823, not Casey county KY in c1811.

The other interesting point is that James Cooley (pension claim S30961)
resided for several decades in Madison County (he married Patience Baker there
in 1802) but he was born 19 Oct 1760 in VA and he served in units from SC and
NC. Of course, James's parental roots could have been in Orange county but if
he and William were closely related you'd think (or I'd think, anyway) they
would have referred to one another as having had knowledge of each another's
service--something that was very important in those claims as few records

So, I'm not sure that William Matthews Cooley ever lived in Madison county,
particularly since his father-in-law, Joseph Gray doesn't show up alongside
him, as was the case in Nelson county KY (1789), Washington county KY and in
Stewart county TN.

I know that his list is dedicated to the identity and descendants of John
Cooley (c1740-c1811) but I think it helps to try to sort out the tangled web
of Cooleys living near them.



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