[List] Reuben Cooley & Elizabeth "Betty" Followell of KY

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Thu May 17 16:05:09 PDT 2007

Perhaps I have missed this in previous exchanges - but - How do we know that
Followell was Elizabeth's maiden name?  Has anyone found a death certificate
for one of her children?  The reasons that I question this are:


1.     Elizabeth was born about 1805 - she was listed as 45 on the 1850

2.    Reuben is listed on the 1840 census with only a 15-19 y.o. female - I
would assume his daughter - therefore, he and Elizabeth must have married
between about 1840-1841 since Elizabeth's son Stephen L. Cooley was 8 years
old in 1850.  This would mean that Elizabeth would have been about 35 when
she married Reuben.

3.    The 1850 census lists an Elizabeth Cooley, 18 y.o.  Was she a daughter
of Reuben Cooley (if so, where was she in 1840?) - or could she have been a
daughter of Elizabeth, perhaps from a previous marriage - or some other


I have been going over some of the early e-mail exchanges and realize that I
have repeated information that Peggy Chapman had already covered and in a
much more thorough way - so - perhaps I missed the above also.



Mary Cooley    

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