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Sandra Stanton found a Reuben Cooley on the 1840 Bartholomew county IN census:
1 male 40-50. This man can also be found on the 1850 census for the same county:

1850 Census Jackson Twp Bartholomew Co IN pg 339

Reuben Cooley 58 m Miller NC
  Patsy       56 f        NC

Living next door...

Joseph Cooley 27 m Farmer IN
  Mary        27 f        NJ
  Elizabeth    7 f        IN
  William G?   3 m        IN
  Martha    7/12 f        IN

Reuben's widow, Patsy Cooley, is found on page 224 of the 1860 census, age 66.

Some have said that the Reuben in Marion county KY was Edward Cooley's
(1763-1822) son. However, it seems more likely to me that the Bartholomew
Reuben would belong to Edward and that the man in Marion county was John's
(c1840-c1811) son.

The Reuben Cooley who died in Jassamine county KY in 1795 was too old to have
been Edward's son (he was a grown man with a family) and we know that he could
not have been John's son as John deeded land to son Reuben in 1804. 
Certainly, if the Cooleys go back a generation or two more than recent
research has suggested, the Reuben of Jassamine could fit in somewhere but he
certainly does not appear to have been a descendant of John. (From what I can
tell, the earliest born grandson of John's was Daniel Jr, born 1786.)
Likewise, the Reuben R Cooley who married in Bartholomew county seems to be
well-identified with another family. There are so many similarities, though,
between Reuben R's family and ours that I believe further research is in order.

The traditional genealogy for Edward Cooley puts Reuben's birth at 1784,
However, taking into account both the 1840 and 1850 records, the Reuben of
Bartholomew county appears to have been born c1792, making him possibly
Edward's second-born son.

Regarding the Reuben of Marion county KY, I received this from Sandy Stanton:

Reuben Cooley was on the 1858 tax list, but not the 1859 list. I hurried over
to a computer to check the mortality list for 1860 and did not find him listed
which means that he died before June 1859.

So, this is my working theory:

John Cooley (c1840-c1811)
..Edward Cooley (1763-1822)
....John Cooley (1789-1866)
....Reuben Cooley (c1792-1850+)
..Reuben Cooley (1779-c1858)

I'll welcome any comments.



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