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For what it is worth, here are some speculations about people on the 1850
census of IA. Please feel free to add other comments if I am off base, or
if you have proof that I am right.
Thomas Cooly at Union, Davis Co., IA - he may be the man 1820-1840 at
Washington Co., IN
Aaron W. Cooly at Shoal, Appanoose Co., IA - he may be the oldest son of
Edward Cooley also in Appanoose Co. Edward has 3 sons in the 1840 census.
Edward Cooley of Caldwell, Appanoose Co., IA - son of Edward & Martha
Roper. See Edward's Washington Co., IN will 
Armstrong Cooley in the household of Edward at Caldwell is probably James
Armstrong Cooley who m. Elmira Moreland
Lewis Cooley of Danville, Des Moines Co., IA- son of Thomas & Martha of
Davis Co. See Appanoose Co. Deeds C:313, 347
John Cooley, son of John & Annis of Flint River, Des Moines Co., m.
Sophia Caroline Lane. His children included a son Felix and a daughter
Felix Cooley of Wapello Co., IA - probably a son of John Cooley & Annis
Hardin. He was "of Des. Moines Co." when he m. in 1843. The only Cooley
there at the time was John Cooley. His assumed brother John probably
named a child after him.
Shirley Wilcox
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