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Sandy has looked at the film of the original deed of Washington county KY,
Joseph Gray to Bird Lawless
(http://www.ancestraldata.com/ahnentafel/256/washcodeed.html). What she
includes below is definite proof, I believe, that the William Cooley of
Washington County was the William M Cooley of Stewart county TN. (See
http://www.ancestraldata.com/ahnentafel/256/othercooleys.html#stewartTN for
more info on him). The places William at and/or near the land that Reuben
Cooley (later of Marion county KY) lived on.

The question now is, was he the William Matthews Cooley of Stokes County NC?
And if he was, does he actually figure into John Cooley's family? DNA could
answer that question right away. Please contact me if you know of any living
candidates for William's "Y" descendants.


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The deed in question of Joseph Gray-- it does say
Cooley and not Copley.

What do you guys make of this deed in Washington
Knew all men by these presents that I Joseph Gray of
WashingtonCounty State of Kentucky for and in
consideratin of divers valuable Services rendered &
performed for me by Anne Cooley wife of William Cooley
of the County aforesaid and for the further
consideration of five shillings current money of the
State aforesaid to me in hand paid by the said Anne
Cooley the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge
Have Granted Bargained and Sold and by these presents
do give Grant bargain sell and deliver unto her the
said Anne Cooley and her heirs forever a certain
negroe Girl Slave named Betty and her future increase
and I do hereby Warrant and defend the Said Negro Girl
Betty and her future increase unto the said Anne
Cooley her heirs and assigns forever free from the
claim or demand of alll and every person or persons
Whatsoever & Free and Clear from all incumbrances of
any Kind Whatsoever In Witness whereof I have hereunto
Set my hand and affixed my seal this 18th day of
November 1803.   Joseph Gray   seal

Also, found some deeds for Perrin Cooley in Washington
county.  Perrin was spelled Pyrin and his wife was
named Sarah.

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> Sandy: Ignore my recent email: The Michael Darr /
> Duerr who came to America
> in 1847 could NOT have been my GG-GF Michael Darr. I
> just discovered some
> old notes from my Uncle Orville Bowers stating that
> Michael Darr came to
> America in 1835 at age 18. Knowing this we need to
> find a record of Michael
> Darr's immigration to America from Germany in 1835.
> (Perhaps Michael came to
> America on the same ship as his much older brother
> John who was born ~1800.)
> Here are the details of what I know:
> Michael Darr was born in 22 May 1817 Germany --
> probably in Baden. He came
> to America in 1835 at age 18. He settled in Ashland
> County, Ohio  in  ~1835
> (near his brother John?) and stayed there until
> 1858.
> *In Ashland Co., Ohio (1835 to 1850):*
> First Michael Darr married Barbara Denning (born
> ~1820 in Germany) on 19 APR
> 1843 and they had 3 children together (Peter in
> 1845, Michael in 1847 and
> John in 1849). Barbrara Denning-Darr died between 25
> NOV 1849 and AUG 1850.
> Michael Darr at age 33 then married Mary Fulmer
> (born 13 OCT 1834 in
> Germany) in AUG 1850 when Mary had not yet turned 16
> years old. Michael Darr
> and Mary Fulmer had 7 children together, starting
> with George Darr in 1853
> and ending with my GGM Emma Charlotte Darr, born 29
> JUN 1872.
> *In Adair Co., Missouri (1858 - 1892):*
> In 1858 the family with the Michael Weber and George
> Niece families left
> Ashland Co., OH and went to Missouri by way of the
> Ohio and Mississippi
> Rivers to near Quincy, Illinois. Then they went by
> covered wagon to their
> log cabin home just 4 miles south of what later
> became Novinger, MO. (The US
> Census list it as Liberty Township, Adair Co., MO.)
> Mary Fulmer-Darr died 28
> MAR 1878 (when my GGM Emma was not yet 6 years old)
> and Michael Darr died 14
> year later on 11 NOV 1892, both in Novinger, Adair
> Co., MO. Emma Charlotte
> was raised by her older brother George Darr and
> married John Wesley Holt.
> Emma Darr-Holt died 3 May 1931 in Kirksville, Adair
> Co., MO.
> Hope I didn't waste any of your time in SLC.
> -Don
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