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Hi Shirley,

Thanks for the posts!

If Mildred Tallant was correct then James Alvin Cooley (father of Miller) and
 James Cooley of Madison County, Kentucky were the same person. But there is a
discrepency of 30 years in the birth dates. I think Mildred was correct about
her great-father being named James but that he was the James of the Revolution
was probably wishful thinking on her part. As you point out, there are a lot
of errors in the Hamil book. 

Frankly, I don't know what the proof is that James Alvin Cooley was the son of
Daniel (1765-1826). If someone has it I'd love to make note of it. Also, there
is always the possibilty that Daniel has been misidentified with the John
Cooley family. I do find it interesting that he left NC so much earlier than
the others. But that's where the yDNA tests would really come in handy. I'd
love to hear from a male descendant of his!

In regards to James of Madison county, I haven't seen any indication that he 
had any children. Do you think that some of the evidence points to the fact
that he did?

On Mon, 1 Jan 2007 19:16:51 -0500, Shirley Wilcox wrote
> Another Oregon Cooley is Miller Wisdom Cooley. He was a son of James 
> & Frances (Miller) Cooley and a grandson of a Daniel Cooley. He was 
> in the Mexican War and received a pension (WC 13539). From the 
> pension we learn that he was born 18 Dec 1822, Madison Co., KY & d 9 
> Sept 1902, Chetco, Curry Co., OR. His widow Elizabeth (Hill) Cooley 
> said they married 8 June 1843, Carroll Co., MO. She said he was 23 
> when he enlisted at Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO and that they res. 3 
> 1/2 years in Carroll Co., MO, 2 years in Fremont Co., IA, 4 years in 
> Lake Co., OR, 2 years in Josephine Co., OR & 43 years in Curry Co.,
>  OR. An 1887 affidavit by Miller says they went to OR in 1853. There 
> is a 1929 letter from Mildred Tallant of Santa Barbara. CA who says 
> she is a granddaughter of Miller Wisdom Cooley.
> In the Revolutionary War Pension file of James Cooley (SC 30961) 
> there is a 1930 letter from Mildred Tallant of Santa Barbara and she 
> says James Cooley was her paternal great grandfather. I think I sent 
> data from this previously. This James said he was born 19 Oct 1762 
> in VA but moved to NC when he was small. He was living in Madison 
> Co., KY in 1832. I found a marriage record  for James Cooley & 
> Frances Miller, 2 June 1814, Adair Co., KY.
> According to other sources, at least two other siblings of Miller Cooley
> went to Oregon, a sister Frances Ann and a brother Daniel B. 1887 deeds
> show that Miller Cooley & wife Elizabeth and Frances A Cooley; heirs 
> of D B Cooley dec'd, sold their portion to John D. Cooley. There is 
> a biographical sketch on Miller Cooley in a Century of Coos & Curry 
> Co., OR, p525.
> The birth year and place for Daniel B. Cooley & Miller Cooley are in
> Oregon Donation Land Claims, Vol. IV, p76.
> *******
> Joseph Cooley, b ca 1767, d 3 Apr 1836, Liberty, Clay Co., MO; m(2)
> Keziah Casey, daughter of Christopher Casey, 15 Feb 1807, Lincoln 
> Co., KY and several of their children went to OR. *Eveline G b 7 Dec 
> 1807, KY, m James Officer 19 Feb 1826, Clay Co., MO & d 14 June 1878,
>  Molalla, Clackamas Co., OR & bur Adams Cemetery [Her marriage date 
> & place in Oregon Donation Land Claims, Vol. I, p19 under husband 
> James Officer] *Christopher C, b 6 Aug 1809, Lincoln Co., KY, m 
> Nancy Officer, 30 Sept 1834, Clay Co, MO & d 13 Nov 1885, Woodburn,
>  Marion Co, OR, bur. Hubbard Cemetery [His birth date & place & his 
> marriage date & place in Oregon Donation Land Claims, Vol. I, p86] 
> *Jackson, b 1816, Howard Co., MO, m Harriet L Dimmick, 13 Nov 1851,
>  Marion Co., OR Territory, d 16 Aug 1883, Woodburn, Marion Co., OR & 
> bur. Hubbard Cemetery [His birth date & place & his marriage date & 
> place in Oregon Donation Land Claims, Vol. I, p85] *Eli Casey, b 
> 1821, Howard Co, MO, m Lydia Bonney, 18 Oct 1849, Marion Co., OR 
> Territory, d 26 Aug 1882 [His birth date & place & his marriage date 
> & place in Oregon Donation Land Claims, Vol. I, p86]
> Although the first names of wives and the marriage date and place are
> given, the maiden names were not. I got those by going to the MO marriage
> records.
> The brother Harry Cooley  mentioned in Michael's post apparently was
> Harrison Cooley who married Nancy Bean, 12 Jan 1839, Clay Co., MO.
> Another correspondent, Betty Pederson, said he died 1850 in Clay Co.,
>  MO. The brother Frank was Franklin who (1) Penelope E Chinn & (2) Mary
> Wernway. He was born July 1818 and died 15 Feb 1911, Kansas City, MO
> according to Betty. She said the other sibling was Cassandra who married
> James Hanley. I found a marriage license for this couple 22 Jan 1835,
> Cape Girardeau Co., MO.
> *****
> Other information can be found in Chapter 10 of a Story of 
> Pioneering by Laura Cooley Hamil (1955). The author died in 1931 & 
> it was published later. You have to sort through it carefully as it 
> has nuggets of good information plus unproven speculation. It's hard 
> to tell where some of the information came from, but some came from 
> Mildred Tallant. It tries to connect to a Dutch family and spreads a 
> lot of misinformation to my mind.
> Shirley


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