[List] Kentucky county borders

michael@newsummer.com michael at newsummer.com
Wed Dec 13 22:53:13 PST 2006

Here's what Kentucky looked like in 1790. Lincoln county was huge. Present-day
Casey county was just a small portion of that area.


The next website is fantastic. You can get a map of the county borders for
virtually any year. Here's where Washington county was situated when Joseph
Gray (father-in-law? brother-in-law? of William M Cooley) wrote his will. If
I'm reading the maps at topozone correctly, the Rolling Fork flowed into
Washington county (of 1812) in a southwesternly direction. That would cover
the northern tip of Casey county and the southern tip of Washington county, a
pretty small area. In other words, William Cooley may have lived at John
Cooley's back door.


And there's also a Cooley Branch in Casey county, southeast of the Amanda
Cooley Branch.


My suspicion is, of course, these rivers (or creeks?) were named for property



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