[List] Another Reuben Cooley & a Thaddius Cooley

Shirley Wilcox slwilcox at juno.com
Wed Dec 13 11:56:23 PST 2006

First a word about Montgomery Co., VA since a James Cooley of Surry Co.,
NC says in his pension that he was born in VA, but moved to NC when he
was young, then spent 7 years in Montgomery Co., VA before going to
Madison Co., KY. Montgomery Co., VA was formed in 1776. Nothing was split
off it until 1790 when Wythe was formed. It was once a huge county and
was just across the line from Surry Co., NC at the time of the
Revolution. There are lots of Cooleys in Grayson, Carroll & Wythe
counties whose parent county is Montgomery. It would not be unusual for
families to migrate back and forth across the border. 
A Reuben Cooley appears for the first time in the Montgomery Co., VA 1790
tax list with Thaddeas Cooley. In the previous year Thaddeas had a son
16-21 and it is suspected that this was Reuben who turned 21 the
following year. Since Reuben is now 21 he was probably born ca. 1768-69.
This Thaddeus Cooly may well be the man whose will was probated 13 Dec.
1814, Wythe Co., VA. He mentions a wife Elizabeth, sons Daniel dec'd who
had a daughter Caty, John & Joseph & a daughter Betsey.
Another Thaddeus Cooley turns up on the 1787 tax list in Lincoln Co., KY
along with Jabes [Jabez?] Cooly. I didn't find them in 1788, then in 1789
a Daniel appears. In 1790 it appears that some tax books are missing. In
1791 there is a Thadias Coley. These Lincoln Co. tax lists have to be
used in conjunction with those of Madison Co. as a Thaddius Cooley is on
the Madison Co. lists of 1788, 1789, 1790, 1792. Jebus Cooley is there
for two years 1789 & 1790 then disappears. William and Daniel are here in
1787 then Daniel disappears, but the name shows up again for one year in
1794. James Cooley, presumably the man who received a pension, does not
show up on the Madison lists until 1794. At that time he had no land. 
[My notes are over 25 years old and I don't know how accurate they are.]
This Thaddius Cooley may have gone from KY to IN. There is a man by this
name in Dearborn Co., IN in 1804 & 1807. Dearborn is right across the
border from Hamilton Co., OH where a man by this name is found on the
1820 census. Then in 1830 a Thaddius Cooley, born 1760-1770, is on the
census at Franklin Co., IN. 
To make this even more interesting, enumerated next to Thaddius Cooley on
the 1830 census of Franklin Co., IN is an Isaac Cooley, born 1800-1810.
Then in 1840 an Isaac Cooley, also born 1800-1810, is on the census at
Bartholomew Co., IN.

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