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Cooley      Cordelia Roller                    8-Jul-1886     10-Mar-1924
Cooley      Infant
Cooley      James "Dabner"                                    26-Apr-1928
Cooley      William                            11-Jul-1881    27-Oct-1962

Gravel Switch is just over the border from northwestern Casey county. In fact,
I have seen place names for that part of Casey referred to as being of Gravel
Switch. It's a bit north of the Rubin County Branch, also located in Marion
county. Reuben Cooley (1850 census) died in Bradfordsville. Here's a map of
the general area, Gravel Switch at the top, Bradforsville in the lower left.


Here's a map showing the Ruben Cooley Branch (left hand corner) and Cooley
Knob, further east, in relationship to the Boyle/Marion/Casey county lines,
upper right.


The Cooleys above are from a later date but where you find one Cooley you're
bound to find others. :)

Here's why I find this area so interesting and why I believe it's important to
properly ID Reuben.....

Received from Julie Markham, Sep 2006

General Index to Real Estate Conveyances--Casey County KY - Grantors

1814 Ruben to Jno Gee, 2-14, 34 acres on Rolling Fork
1815 Ruben to Timothy Goode, 2-47, 43 acres on Rolling Fork
1815 Ruben to Jacob Huff, 2-49, 11 acres on Rolling Fork
1818 John to Jacob Minor, 2-218, 360 acres on Rolling Fork
1818 John and Sarah to Jacob Minor, 2-219, 53 acres on Harlan Branch
1837 Ruben to Allen Phillips, 4-238, tract in Casey county
1840 John to Andrew Elder, 4-336, 26 acres in Casey county
1843 Edmond to John Cooley, 4-584, personal property
1845 Cornelius to G T Carpenter, 5-123, Stock
1848 John, Lavina, Elizabeth to Thomas N Cooley, 5-341, p of atty
1847 Edward to William Purdom, 5-407, 44 acres on S Rolling Fork
1846 John and Sarah to James H Rawling, 5-444, 10 acres on Little S Fork
1848 Edward to James Rawlings, 5-444, the right of dower or inheritance in
Casey county
1848 Thomas H to Dowler Rowe, 6-211,
1851 Edward and Nancy to James May, 6-319, tract on little South R F

The Reuben Cooley Branch and Little South Fork both are tributaries of Rolling
Fork. Little South Fork is in Casey county. On 30 Jul 1806 John Cooley and
Reuben Cooley are both entered with 100 acres each on Rolling Fork (Lincoln
County KY).

Here's a description of the Rolling Fork:


Rolling Fork of the Salt River: KY 68 Bridge Near Lebanon to Lebanon
Junction Preview: Flowing northwest out of Casey County, the Rolling Fork of
the Salt River drains portions of Marion, Larue, Nelson, Bullitt, and Hardin
Counties before joining the Salt River deep inside the Fort Knox Military
Reservation. Running over a mud and rock bottom and between wall-like mud
banks carved by lateral erosion, the Rolling Fork is runnable downstream of
the US 68 bridge from November to May. Be warned that floating the Rolling
Fork through Fort Knox is strictly prohibited.

Now, here's something I just noticed, found on my page for the Stewart County
TN Cooleys

Stewart County Bonds and Settlements, Book A (1812-1814), page 193:

Will of Joseph Gray Sr.: son Joseph Jr. (born to him by Mary Plunket, now Mary
Wilson) gets land in Washington Co., KY on the Rolling Fork of the Salt River,
and gets part of land shared with Peter R. Booker (originally granted to
Joseph Gray Sr. and his brother James Gray); other children John Gray and
Elizabeth Smith; executors are Robert Cooper, William Pearce, Abner Pearce;
wit: William M. Cooley, Anny Cooley, Jonathan Cooley; written 10 Apr 1812

It's believed that Anny Cooley was Joseph Gray's daughter. William Cooley and
Joseph Gray signed a 1789 petition in Washington county KY. (BTW, I've been
following a hunch since September that William M Cooley of Stewart county TN
is the William Matthews Cooley mentioned in records with our John Cooley in
Stokes county NC. I'm strongly inclined to believe at that this point that a
male Cooley descendant of William's may well have a Y chromosomal match to Don
Cooley and me.)

In regards to Reuben and Sandra's suggestion that he may have been 71, not 81,
in 1850: has anyone seen the 1830 of 1840 census entires for him? They may
give an indication as to his true age.

Also, I just found that Reuben's grandson, William Cooley, married in Marion


Cooly, William 22/single         Amanda Carpenter 22/single       09/26/1853

There is an Amanda Cooley Branch, also in Marion county.

Sorry for going on so long. I didn't expect to tie so much together.



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