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I looked for him on Arkansas Mortality for 1860 and he wasn't there.  However, since he was listed on the 1860 census would he have been on the mortality one too? ________________________________ From: Michael Cooley <> To: John Cooley Mailing List <> Sent: Sat, June 30, 2012 12:26:02 AM Subject: Hannah Cooley m Luke Barnett/Burnett I may be onto something here: --quote-- Luke Burnett was born in 1778 on Reedy Branch in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.  He died on 13 Dec 1859 in Hempstead County, Arizona at age 81.       Luke married Hannah ________. --endquote-- There was a Carter Barnett in Surry county in 1790. He had a son named Luke. That family moved to TN. Carter apparently had a brother named Luke. The above page, however, does not give Luke a brother named Carter. --quote-- luke Barnett/Burnett     Posted on: 15 Apr 2000, by  mary9901   Surnames > Barnett I am looking for a Luke Burnett brother of Carter, born in Dinwiddie Va about 1762. His father was Richard. My 3rd g.grandfather Carter Barnett had a son Luke born about 1800 and I believe this carter and the ... --endquote-- Luke is living with his son Luke in 1850. We can follow the movements of the family from the births: --quote-- Name:     Luke Bernnett Event:     Census Event Date:     1850 Event Place:     Ozan, Hempstead, Arkansas, United States Gender:     Male Age:     38 Marital Status: Race (Original): Race (Expanded): Birthplace:     South Carolina Estimated Birth Year:     1812 Dwelling House Number:     197 Family Number:     197 Line Number:     31 NARA Publication Number:     M432 NARA Roll Number:     26 Film Number:     2480 Digital Folder Number:     004193066 Image Number:     00443       Household     Gender     Age     Birthplace     Luke Bernnett     M     38     South Carolina     Delphy Bernnett     F     36     South Carolina     Lanoh F Bernnett     F     11     Georgia     Joseph Bernnett     M     9     Georgia     Wm T Bernnett     M     7     Georgia     John Bernnett     M     3     Arkansas     Luke Bernnett     M     74     Virginia --endquote-- I'm guessing that the date of his death is known because he might show up on the 1860 mortality schedule for Arkansas. Does anyone have access to that? There's also a Luke Burnett in Spartanburg in 1800, 1810 and 1830. There were a large number of them, including Carter Burnett. The families I've looked at all seem to go back to Essex county VA. Anyway, the real encouraging thing is that Luke's wife is known to have been Hannah. -Michael -- <a href="">distlist 0.9</a> See for list information.
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