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More evidence that the Randolph Co. John was mine. I come from a long
line of bad seeds.


On 6/27/2012 8:09 PM, Jane Wisdom wrote:
> I found the full text of the History of Randolph County, Missouri on line
> tonight. It is long and I did not get through all of it yet. Very
> interesting. The first Grand Jury was held in someone's house in 1829 and
> two indictments. One was for John Cooley for resisting legal process. Not
> sure what that means.
> At the second Grand Jury Nicholas Tuttle, Randolph White's Rev.
> soldier-friend and James Cooley were members.
> Maybe you already understand these early pioneers but one of the reasons
> people did not select the good farm ground for their first homes was because
> they needed the forest for food, fuel and homes, and fences, plus they had
> no tools for Missouri farm -land planting. Even when they did have the
> first plows, it took three oxen to pull the plow through the ground. Thus
> the reason why so many must have gone on west as that became possible.
> Indians were a problem until about 1833.
> Jane
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