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Yes, there are several mentions of Cooleys there. I've pasted parts in my
notes for Perrin's sons. There is also this:

From "The History of Howard and Cooper Counties, Missouri" (1889)
regarding Moniteau township. Interesting mention of Perrin Cooley. His
brother, Edward, had been very involved in the Methodist Church in NC and

The settlement of this township began comparatively early — 1812. At this
period Price Arnold located on section 23. He was from Mercer county,
Kentucky, and arrived in Franklin township in 1811. Here he remained until
the following year, and took a claim where his grandson, Matthew Arnold,
Esq., now resides. The same year he was joined by William Head, who came
from Washington county, Virginia. In the latter part of that year (1812),
these two gentlemen selected a sight and began the erection of Fort Head,
named in honor of Mr. Head, named above, who was chosen captain of the
little band, formed for the defense of the small colony against the
anticipated attacks of the aborigines. It is impossible to give the names
of all the settlers at this late date, who sought refuse in the fort. We
will, however, give the names of such as we have been enabled to get, and
felicitate ourselves over the fact that we have snatched even these from
the sea of forgetfulness, whither they, and all recollections concerning
them, are so rapidly tending. Their names are Price Arnold, William Head,
James Pipes, William Pipes, Joseph Austin, Perrin Cooley, a Methodist
minister, Peter Creason, and Henry Lemons. After the close of hostilities,
in 1815, immigration at once set in, and many valuable accessions to the
population were made.

> I found the full text of the History of Randolph County, Missouri on line
> tonight. It is long and I did not get through all of it yet. Very
> interesting. The first Grand Jury was held in someone's house in 1829 and
> two indictments. One was for John Cooley for resisting legal process.
> Not
> sure what that means.
> At the second Grand Jury Nicholas Tuttle, Randolph White's Rev.
> soldier-friend and James Cooley were members.
> Maybe you already understand these early pioneers but one of the reasons
> people did not select the good farm ground for their first homes was
> because
> they needed the forest for food, fuel and homes, and fences, plus they had
> no tools for Missouri farm -land planting. Even when they did have the
> first plows, it took three oxen to pull the plow through the ground. Thus
> the reason why so many must have gone on west as that became possible.
> Indians were a problem until about 1833.
> Jane
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