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Benjamin E Kiergan did have a widow in 1865 who applied for his CW pension:

Kiergan, Benjamin E.
Widow: Kiergan, Frances E.
Minor: Baker, Joseph, Gdn
Service: F 44 MO Inf
Date of filings:
1865, Mar 31, Widow, Application: 88026; Certificate No.: 75.295
1867, Nov 13, Minor, Application No.: 154516; Certificate No.: 120.889

Didn't Arthur Kiergan write that after his mother's death, that he lived
with his Grandmother Elizabeth (White) Cooley for a few years? In his
letter of 27 Apr 1932 he wrote that his father remarried after Dorothy's
death. (I read the letters and got lost - so willl have to work on them

We will be gone for a few days...Happy hunting!!

Mary Cooley

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And Sandy mentioned this in an earlier exchange:

"Dorothy Cooley married Joel Smith 12 Feb 1843 Platte County, Missouri"

I see in the Mildred Tallant archive that this marriage is mentioned in a
letter from the Clay county recorder.

Now, let's consider that perhaps it was a marriage between Dorothy "Smith"
and Benjamin Kiergan that's missing.


> Here's part of an email from Rick Ernst not long before the 2010
> reunion...
> --quote--
> One of the perplexing issues I'm still dealing with is Cornelius and
> Dolly (White) Cooley, and their three children, other than my
> gg-grandfather. Legend has it that Mathias was an orphan, as documented
> in "The Terrible Trail." However, family has passed down that the family
> couldn't support four children, so when the last baby was born, making
> four, the older two were sent to live with cousins. I found court
> records regarding Cornelius and William, both sons of James, and various
> charges from betting and retailing (liquor) to attempted murder. Then I
> found where the sheriff reported that Cornelius was dead, but no
> information as to the whereabouts of Dolly and the children, or if she
> was dead too. Somehow only Mathias remains. Since they were all boys, I
> would guess that the first two were likely named James and Cornelius,
> after the father and grandfather, and likely the fourth was named
> William, after a favorite brother, like Mathias was.
> When all the information on Scott Cooley started flowing in, I hoped I'd
> find where Dolly and the kids moved to Texas, but nothing panned out. If
> Dolly was a nickname, I may never find her.
> Perhaps Dolly and the three children went to Tennessee in 1843, to get
> away from the place where Cornelius was killed. It's another place to
> look anyway.
> --endquote--
>> No wonder this was so lost!
>> John and Joseph were certainly the half-brothers Cooley. Perhaps Michael
>> was already out of the house or had died already.
>> Good work, Mary!
>> -Michael
>>> I just found the Kiergan family! This is what I found:
>>> Brunswick, Chariton Co., MO
>>> 12 Nov 1850, pg 227 B
>>> Family 498 (numbers VERY faded):
>>> Benjamin Vergin, 30, male, farmer, Ten
>>> Dorothy Vergin, 35, female, MO, cannot read or write
>>> Joseph Vergin, 15, male, MO
>>> John Vergin, 12, male, MO
>>> Arthur Vergin, 3, male, MO
>>> Mary Cooley
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