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Here's part of an email from Rick Ernst not long before the 2010 reunion...


One of the perplexing issues I'm still dealing with is Cornelius and
Dolly (White) Cooley, and their three children, other than my
gg-grandfather. Legend has it that Mathias was an orphan, as documented
in "The Terrible Trail." However, family has passed down that the family
couldn't support four children, so when the last baby was born, making
four, the older two were sent to live with cousins. I found court
records regarding Cornelius and William, both sons of James, and various
charges from betting and retailing (liquor) to attempted murder. Then I
found where the sheriff reported that Cornelius was dead, but no
information as to the whereabouts of Dolly and the children, or if she
was dead too. Somehow only Mathias remains. Since they were all boys, I
would guess that the first two were likely named James and Cornelius,
after the father and grandfather, and likely the fourth was named
William, after a favorite brother, like Mathias was.

When all the information on Scott Cooley started flowing in, I hoped I'd
find where Dolly and the kids moved to Texas, but nothing panned out. If
Dolly was a nickname, I may never find her.

Perhaps Dolly and the three children went to Tennessee in 1843, to get
away from the place where Cornelius was killed. It's another place to
look anyway.


> No wonder this was so lost!
> John and Joseph were certainly the half-brothers Cooley. Perhaps Michael
> was already out of the house or had died already.
> Good work, Mary!
> -Michael
>> I just found the Kiergan family! This is what I found:
>> Brunswick, Chariton Co., MO
>> 12 Nov 1850, pg 227 B
>> Family 498 (numbers VERY faded):
>> Benjamin Vergin, 30, male, farmer, Ten
>> Dorothy Vergin, 35, female, MO, cannot read or write
>> Joseph Vergin, 15, male, MO
>> John Vergin, 12, male, MO
>> Arthur Vergin, 3, male, MO
>> Mary Cooley
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