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I agree!  I came to the same conclusion a few weeks ago and started an email to you with this idea.  I then had email problems.  Interesting that I started out with the "Dolly is a nickname for Dorothy" as you did. Sandy ________________________________ From: Michael Cooley <> To: John Cooley Mailing List <> Sent: Wed, June 20, 2012 1:49:53 AM Subject: Did Cornelius Cooley marry Dolly White or..... I have a theory. :) Consider the following: Dolly is a nickname for Dorothy. Arthur Kiergan wrote that his mother, Dorothy Cooley, had first married the brother of Tink and Benjamin Cooley. He stated that his mother had three sons from this first marriage. Here's the 1840 census for Cornelius: Ray County p 332 Cornelius Cooley, Fishing River Township     21001-00001     2 males 0-4     1 male 5-9     1 male 20-29     1 female 20-29 The bio for Mathias Cooley, son of Cornelius and "Dolly," says that he had three brothers. 1830s - three sons born to Cornelius 1840+ - possibly another son born 1843 - Cornelius died 1848 - Arthur born Ray county, where Cornelius lived, is next door to Carroll County where Arthur was born. The whole family should be there in 1850 but I'm not finding them. Arthur said his older half brothers were: Joseph died in CW in 1863 Michael murdered by Mormons in "Eutah" John William accidentally killed at age 12 But why would Mathias not be known by Arthur? And why did Cornelius request Mathias be adopted by the Wilsons, especially if he had three more sons? He was off to Oregon in 1845, three years before Arthur was born. Arthur might not have known anything about him, particularly if some kind of family secret was involved. Perhaps this might explain why Don Cooley and Rick Ernst couldn't find an autosomol match. The 1840 census for Cornelius gives two sons 0-4. One would have been Mathias. If there was a fourth son, he could have been born c1840-43. That Dorothy Cooley (died 1851) could have been remembered as Dolly White is not surprising, especially since her mother was Elizabeth White. Am I way out there or does it make sense? I can't find these families in 1850, Carroll county where Arthur was born. They were either not enumerated or were missed in the indexing. I'll later go through every page. -Michael -- <a href="">distlist 0.9</a> See for list information.
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