John Colley & Christopher Colley in August Co., VA, 1758

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Does anyone know who these persons were? Could it possibly be out John

From "Virginia's Colonial Soldiers"
Augusta Co., VA:
Militia Miscellany - Hening's, pg 203:
  John Buchanan, Capt., pay for himself, his officers and company from 13
April to 1 September 1758, 292.3.8.
  Capt. John Dickenson pay to sundry persons in building a fort at Craig's
Creek and for horse hire, 22.16.0; Walter Cunningham, for conducting
Indians, 2.15.0.
  Capt. Abraham Smith, 44.8.0; (many others list with numbers after - but no
further Captains names or purposes listed)
pg 204:
  Michael Malow, John Stilt, John Eberman, Adam Little, John COLLEY, William
Dyer, and Jacob Eberman, 2.6.0 each; Gasper Smith, 0.15.0; Christopher
COLLEY, 1.9.0.

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