Re: Mark White, son of Jemima Cooley,d/oJames

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Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 00:40:55 -0700


I'm going over my online notes again for Joseph:

He was in Kentucky at an early date, appearing in Washington county as
early as 1797. The 1802 tax lists shows him at Goose Creek, Adair county.
Joseph's son James might well have been born in KY. I think the case for
Jane White's father in law being Joseph is very strong.


> Yes, census records are often wrong. But they are evidence to be weight
> against other evidence.
> Thanks!
>> This shows father and mother born in Ky. We know that Randolph White
>> was
>> in Ky since the Rev War ended. Jemima married Randolph White's son,
>> Thomas Jefferson White in Mo.
>> Census is not always correct either.
>> Jane
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