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Mary...However, the program I use to archive the messages on the server
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Thanks! Is that from the original book or from a photocopy?


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>> I am going to attempt to send you a scanned photo from Lura Coolley
>> Hamil's
>> book.
>> Mary Cooley
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>> Subject: Upcoming presentation
>> I've started working on the Cooley presentation I'll give in DC in two
>> months. The CFAA wants me to talk about several lines. It's a perfect
>> opportunity to further debunk Hamil's 1932 manuscript.
>> Attached is an early version of what will be a pivotal slide. It shows a
>> small slice of Hamil's "Dutch Cooleys." Descendants of the men in the
>> four
>> colored boxes have yDNA-tested. It's no surprise to many of us that
>> their
>> DNA doesn't match at all. These four men were not related, not through
>> the
>> male line, anyway. It's impossible that they would not have had the same
>> patrilineal (Y chromosome) ancestor.
>> The Joseph Cooley who married "a Casey" is Mary's husband's Joseph
>> Cooley
>> and is of the Casey county KY and Stokes county NC clan. To date, eleven
>> of us have tested. (A twelfth test is on its way.)
>> Hamil never directly connected her work to the Stokes county Cooleys. It
>> seems that the first one to do that was Dale Walker sometime c1978-80.
>> Dennis Young typed up several of his letters for us a few years ago.
>> Walker obviously--and properly--recognized Joseph Cooley as ours, but
>> how
>> he connected his father, John, to Hamil's Johannes Cool--purportedly
>> born
>> in NY and died in MD in 1823--is a mystery. There's nothing in Hamil's
>> manuscript to support it and all genealogical evidence refutes it. But
>> Walker's family group chart was circulated and eventually went viral. (I
>> received a copy from the CFAA in the 90s.)
>> The presentation will be an opportunity to talk about these four
>> unrelated
>> lines. I hope to spend some time on other Cooleys lineages that
>> originated
>> in the NC/VA area, only two of which have DNA tested and are not
>> related.
>> BTW, I will want to include a copy of the Hamil photograph found in the
>> published 1955 book. I have only a photocopy. Does anyone have a clean
>> scan--or the book from which a good scan can be acquired?
>> Here's a link to the same slide in case the attachment doesn't work:
>> -Michael
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