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I've started working on the Cooley presentation I'll give in DC in two
months. The CFAA wants me to talk about several lines. It's a perfect
opportunity to further debunk Hamil's 1932 manuscript.

Attached is an early version of what will be a pivotal slide. It shows a
small slice of Hamil's "Dutch Cooleys." Descendants of the men in the four
colored boxes have yDNA-tested. It's no surprise to many of us that their
DNA doesn't match at all. These four men were not related, not through the
male line, anyway. It's impossible that they would not have had the same
patrilineal (Y chromosome) ancestor.

The Joseph Cooley who married "a Casey" is Mary's husband's Joseph Cooley
and is of the Casey county KY and Stokes county NC clan. To date, eleven
of us have tested. (A twelfth test is on its way.)

Hamil never directly connected her work to the Stokes county Cooleys. It
seems that the first one to do that was Dale Walker sometime c1978-80.
Dennis Young typed up several of his letters for us a few years ago.
Walker obviously--and properly--recognized Joseph Cooley as ours, but how
he connected his father, John, to Hamil's Johannes Cool--purportedly born
in NY and died in MD in 1823--is a mystery. There's nothing in Hamil's
manuscript to support it and all genealogical evidence refutes it. But
Walker's family group chart was circulated and eventually went viral. (I
received a copy from the CFAA in the 90s.)

The presentation will be an opportunity to talk about these four unrelated
lines. I hope to spend some time on other Cooleys lineages that originated
in the NC/VA area, only two of which have DNA tested and are not related.

BTW, I will want to include a copy of the Hamil photograph found in the
published 1955 book. I have only a photocopy. Does anyone have a clean
scan--or the book from which a good scan can be acquired?

Here's a link to the same slide in case the attachment doesn't work:


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