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I'm not seeing the connection to our Cooleys here to the others, but
perhaps I'm missing something. In any case, this is interesting


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Well I started by finding this will for Thomas Cooley....so excited we
finally found the first Cooley of the line. Only to discover no children.
 However, we do know the names of his brothers back in Cornwall. I have
taken a shot at writing to an English Cooley researcher - fingers crossed.
 Meanwhile I tried to find other Cooleys in Maryland and accumulated all
the stuff below. Hope it isn't totally confusing ...as I picked up bread
crumbs I just kind of put them in the email for you!

Who I am....I am a over 20 year researcher of the family Branson. In Town
Fork Settlement John Branson's land is adj to Richard Hains, James Moore,
Isaac Garrison

When Zachariah Branson died in 1784 he made George Fulp "son of Betsy
Fulp" co-executor with his son Joab. It would be highly unlikely for
Zachariah to do this if he was not blood related to George/Betsy or a
strong family tie. George being the son of Peter Fulp and Elizabeth Raper
(probably known as Betsy) and his grandma Martha Ham.

Wed 5 Sept. 1793 court case # 15, James Martin VS John Branson and John

Court of Common Pleas Sat 6 Dec 1794 John Branson jury duty.
Case Peter Fulp VS John Cooley. old tape out to the side it was erased
and penciled in "Ann Branson acct for keep 140 miles and 11 days". This
was added as if they had run out of space and needed to make another
entry. I think somewhere I have a record where both John and Ann was

Mordecai Ham lives just a few doors from the Bransons in the 1800's.

John Branson, Jr named his first son Ambrose - like Ambrose Blackburn???
this is not a first name that runs or remained in the family.

So....I have no idea where or how the Bransons are related - whether it is
Cooley or Ham or what. or maybe it's Fountain??

I can tell you that the Branson immigrant in 1651 came from England to St
Mary's and Charles Counties, Maryland. Several key family members died
around 1770/1775 and you find various parts of the family move to
Westmoreland Co, Essex/King & Queen, Montgomery and Washington and
Pittsylvania Cos in Virginia and Surry which became Stokes in NC.

Sure hope we can find that missing link

Here is what I have accumulated so far......

Will begins....I, Thomas Cooly of the County of Cornwall in the Kingdom
of England in part now resident in the county of Saint Marys in the
Province of Maryland
To: Mother, Father, Aunt Jane Prade,
Bro: Wm Coolye
sis: Jane, Katherine, ?How?, Ann, Jane Groger, How Pridawe
Henry King his employer or to oversee his employees?
Kinsman: Wm Robert Quarme or Duarme and his wife Judith
 Waltor Quar... kinswoman How Quarmo
friend Charles Borcawan Esq
everything went to Bro Peter Coolye who was executor
my loving friend Jn COODE of county of St Mary to oversee the will
written July 1, 1676

Witness - John Furkings or Turkings or Jurkings
Wm West - who proved will July 19 1676
Henry Kings

(I just noticed that a Henry King moved to Town Fork Settlement in 1783.)

Appraisal done by Justinian Gerrard and William Watts at Mr. Nehemiah
Blackiston's house William Rosewell swore

There are several records in the Maryland court files about Nehemiah
Blackiston suing Thomas Cooley after he died and eventually the defendant
changed to Peter Cooley as executor and mention he was not found. It was
believed he was in England. I can't find anything more on Cooley in SM or
Charles county.

John Coode came from Cornwall also and led the rebellion that overthrew
the government in 1689. He married Susannah Gerrard daughter of Thomas
Gerrard. She was previously married to Robert Slye.

In the Provincial Court records of 1670-75 Vol 65, Preface 35 George
Cooley gave bond to John Ingram to bring him 2 servants and didn't
deliver. He is referred to as "late of Talbot County" and his attorney is
Vincent Lowe (a related family). At Lowe's appearance John requested the
Sheriff of St Mary's require to bring Cooley to Talbot. Cooley didn't show
and lost by default judgment.

Talbot June 1731 pp.428-9, Lord Proprietary agt. Ann Hopkins did commit
fornication with a certain Negro Man ... saith she is not thereof guilty
... Jury ... she is guilty ... serve seven years ... commence after her
term of servitude to George Coley. Court sells Thomas Hopkins the mullatto
bastard child of Anne Hopkins to George Cooley til thirty one.

Ann Hopkins child Thomas led me to the record of George's death - Talbot
County estate of George Cooley on 23 April 1732 [Prerogative Inventories &
Accounts 1732-1734, 72-4

George's will:
1. Peter Haddenony - horse, saddle, etc
2. Rowland Haddmony - colt saddle
3. Elenor Locozy - remainder of estate after wife gets her 1/3
4. Mulatto Tom to serve till 24
5. appoint Robert Locony Jr sole executor
11/29/1732 written
Wit: John Ecklees (Ackles) and Francis Cocke (Cook)
Proved Jan 17, 1732

Since the death was 60+ years after the lawsuit where a George was in
Talbot then SM he probably is a relative of the first George.

Anne Arundel, MD:
John Cooley 14.130 A AA ú58.0.6 ú78.14.0 May 25 1697
Payments to: Thomas Dawson, Alexander Gardiner, for keeping Edward
Cooley (boy), for keeping Alice Cooley (girl), for coffin for Francis
Cooley (girl), Frank Cooley, Ralph Bazill, Richard Bayly, Thomas
Beason, James Floyd for keeping Frank Cooley, Mr. Davis, John Davis,
Richard Kilburne.
Mentions: John Cooley (orphan). 2 orphans.
Administrator: William Clarke.
John Cooley 14.129 I ú58.0.6 Dec 24 1695
Appraisers: Francis Moyd, William Penington.

1777 Wm Cooley of AA married Ann Harwood

Prince George Co is adj the counties the family in Stokes Co lived in
an example: Thomas Earle of PG, MD married Willimina Slye of Charles Co,
MD on 1/1/1784 in PG. Since the Slye were part of the "family" Jane is
most likely part of a Cooley I'm chasing.

found this inquiry:
Am searching for parents of Thomas SHERLOCK , born about 1805, married to
Catherine Jane EARLY, daughter of Benjamin EARLY and his wife Jane COOLEY.
Thomas was mentioned in his mother-in-law Jane Early's will which was
filed in 1823.
Their children Catherine Jane and Benoni
Jane Cooley 1/27/1789 PG married Benjamin Earley
Other PG Cooley marriages Edward 1834, Benjamin 1816

.Post - Jacob Cooley born Virginia, married Sarah (Jordan), died
Greenville Co,
SC. Jacob died circa 1816, Greenville Co, SC. The only Cooley family in
the Virgiania census of 1785 was Jacob Cooley in Pittsylvania County. He is
enumerated with 7 persons in his household. The abstracts of Henry County,
VA Deed Books 1 and 2 page 506 show the following concerning Jacob, "dated
October 3, 1788; Jereard Burch of Henry County to Jacob Couly of the same,
for 16 pounds, 10 shillings sells 50 acres of land. Signed Jerard Burch,
witnesses; Achillis Ballinger, Joseph Gravely, George Phillips. Proved April
27 1789." Other Cooley references in Henry County include James Cooley and
wife Ann and John Cooley.

re Jerard Burch...likely related to St. Mary's' Burch family of which one
of the head is my female Branson. So a Trace of Jacob could be helpful.
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