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From: Michael Cooley <>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 12:49:28 -0800

I'm so sorry to hear, Scott. As I recently wrote to you, he drove down to
Santa Cruz one day in the mid-90s and took me out to lunch. I was struck
by his kindness, generosity and intelligence.

For those who don't know, Don was the son of Rollie Fay Cooley (1900-1964)
and Inez Roberta Crick. He is one of the eleven of our clan who has
yDNA-tested. This is his descent from John Cooley:

John Cooley (c1738-1811) m possibly a Matthews
James Cooley (1772-1821) m Elizabeth
Timothy Goode "Tink" Cooley (1810-1893) m Lucinda Ann Mullinix
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1836-1909) m Susannah Lawson
Timothy H Cooley (1867-1951) m Mary Etta Steen
Rollie Fay Cooley (1900-1964) m Inez Roberta Crick
Donald Dean Cooley (1931-2012) m1 Sue Marie Holacher m2 Ann Benke m3
Michiko Takano

Our deepest sympathies, Scott, to you and your family.


> I do have news though sad. Donald Dean Cooley passed away at 2:40am on
> March 1st. He was a wonderful man and certainly upheld the Cooley name.
> Scott Cooley
> 408-829-4130
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