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Thanks for the scan of the Abraham deed!

List...although we have seen nothing that specifically ties Abraham and
Thadeus to our John, I think it's in our best interest to keep our minds
open--at least until we know for certain through DNA testing whether they
were related, at least patrilineally. (It's always possible that two
families of the same name but not related each married into a third

I sent another email (fourth?) to one of the potential testers and still
haven't received a response. I'm crossing him off my list. I'll try the
most recent find again. This time I might as well mention DNA since the
non-DNA inquiry got no response.


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Some additional facts linking Thadeus and Abraham Cooley.

Abraham surveyed land in Surry Co, NC in Dec 1779 - the survey contains
the name or signature of Stephen Reeder (land owner?), and a likely
relative of Sarah Reeder (Abraham's wife).
This same Stephen Reeder sold land to Thadeus Cooley in Mar 1785 in
Montgomergy Co, VA.
A Jacob Reeder inventoried the estate of Thadeus Cooley 20 Apr 1815
(Adventutes III-2).
A Josiah Reeder witnessed the will of Thadeus Cooley in Oct 1814 in Wythe
Co, VA.
Thadeus and Abraham lived at same time during 1780s in Montgomery Co, VA -
recorded in tax lists. Next tax listing for Abraham is 1800 in Grayson
Co, VA.
Thadeus's tax district became part of Wythe Co, VA Dec 1789. Thadeus
remained in Wythe Co until his death 1814.
Grayson County was formed from Wythe Co in 1793, so likely Abraham didn't
move from Surry Co, NC to Grayson Co around 1786 as reported by other
documents, but rather first moved to Montgomery Co, VA, then this area
became part of Wythe Co in 1789, then Grayson Co in 1793, and area later
became part of Carroll Co in 1842, where Abraham and Sarah Reeder are
reportedly buried

There are so many "coincidences" that statisticians would report a high
probability that Thadeus and Abraham are linked by family. Evidence seems


This plan is laid down from a scale of forty chains to an inch. Signature
of Stephen Reeder & Josua Hains - S.C.C. This plan represents a tract of
land surveyed for Abraham Cooley on the waters of Tom's Creek, beginning
at a Black Oak on the West side of a branch, and runs south fifty chains
to a Black Oak thence North fifty chains to a Spanish Oak, thence West
fifty seven chains to the Beginning Containing four hundred acres.
Surveyed December the thirteenth one thousand seven hundred and seventy
nine. Signed James Mathews
Montgomery Co, VA; Stephen Reeder 3-29-1785 assigned by - to Thadeus
Cooley 150 acres SW side his land Adventutes III-1.
Page 125 (Wythe Co, VA Will Book 1)
October 20, 1814
Wife: Elizabeth
Rachel Grayson, Hannah Simpson, Polly Hardy, Elizabeth Cooley, Julia
Hutsell, [these appear to be all daughters of Thadeus. Rachel Cooley m.
William Grayson. Julia Ann Cooley m. Michael Hutsell. Polly Cooley m.
Charles Hardy]
Matilda Stuart [Matilda Cooley Stuart, b. 1800 Wythe, VA likely married a
Stuart before later married John Snodgrass, they lived Jessamine Co, KY
1820, moved to Fayette Co, IN with Thadeus' son John Cooley & wife Martha
Snodgrass (sister of John Snodgrass) c.1823]
GD: Cathy Cooley d/o Daniel Cooley dec'd, Tucker Cooley, Sally Cooley
[grandchildren of Thadeus': (John) Tucker Cooley and Sally Cooley,
children of Daniel Cooley who d. 1812 in Grayson Co. Abraham Cooley's son
Benjamin F Cooley on jury that reviewed Last Will of Daniel May 1812]
Sons: John, Joseph [John Cooley m. Martha Snodgrass c1808 Montgomery Co, VA]
GS: Reuben Cooley [grandson of Thadeus, same Reuben Cooley that lived in
Jessamine Co, KY, son of Reuben Cooley Sr. b. c1769 Montgomery Co, VA d.
Mercer Co, KY 1795 - eldest son of Thadeus listed VA tax lists 1790]
Daughter: Betsy Cooley
Exec: Joseph Cooley, son [youngest son of Thadeus] m. Sally Ragsdale 1815.
 He lived next to John Cooley family 1820 in Wythe Co, before John moved
to IN c.1823]
Witnesses: Joseph Evans, Lewis Hutsell (0), Josiah Reeder [likely relative
of Sarah Reeder, wife of Abraham Cooley]
Sec: Joseph Evans, John Boring
Recorded: December 13, 1814 Jacob T. Fishback, DC
Mrs Richard Rust Robert M Willis, mem
No 9A Ev Papachristojorou Rt 1, Box 1
Ayu Omoloyites Ironton, Ohio 45638
Nicosia, Cyprus
Dear Mrs Rust,
In answer to your most welcome letter, I received today, I am also a
descendant of ? Coal Creek, Carroll County, Virginia; Peter Cooley son of
Abraham Cooley and Sarah Reeder Cooley.
This information copied from a letter dated July 27, 1934, written by
Julia Worrell Gowdy, of Pleasant Hill, Missouri.
Abraham Cooley, was an Englishman, crossed the ocean to America when
comparatively a young man. His wife was of French descent. Her name was
Sarah Reeder. They came to New York, grandfather Benjamin Franklin Cooley
was 7 years old when they moved from New York to North Carolina. They
remained there five years and then moved to Virginia, grandfather Benjamin
Franklin Cooley was about 12 years old when he came to Virginia and lived
there all the rest of his life.
The names of the parents of Abraham Cooley; dates of his marriage and
death had not been established in 1960. Using the above slip date (to
figure from birth date of his son Benjamin Franklin Cooley (Aug 24, 1774)
we find this picture.
Abraham Cooley and Sarah Reeder his wife came to New York (date uncertain)
but moved from New York to North Carolina in 1781. On Oct 13, 1783 he was
granted 400 acres in Surry County, NC - Which he and his wife Sarah
conveyed to Henry Burchum on Mar 20, 1786, Deed Book F, page 32. It would
be about this time they moved to Virginia.
Abraham Cooley was buried in an old field cemetery about 1/8 mile So of US
58 on the bank of Crooked Creek near Woodlawn, Carroll Co, Virginia....


Virginia County
County Commissioner
Taxable Person
Names of White Males 21+
No. White Males Age 16 to 20
Horses, Mares, Colts, or Mules
No. Cattle

20 Sept 1787
Bird Smith
James Cooley
James Cooley
Possible brother of Thadeus

15 Jun 1787
David McGavock
Thadeus Cooley
Thadeus Cooley
This area in Dec 1789 became part of Wythe County

16 Aug 1787
James Newell
Abram Cooley
Abram Cooley
Abraham Cooley. Possible brother of Thadeus

22 Jul 1788
James Newell
Abram Cooley
A Cooley
Same Abraham Cooley from England listed in Grayson Co. 1800

11 Oct 1788
Bird Smith
James Cooley
James Cooley
1788 tax lists

23 Jan 1789
David McGavock
Thadeus Cooley
Thadeus Cooley
1788 Tax Lists. Reuben not yet 21 years old

27 Feb 1790
David McGavock
Thaddeus Cooley
Thaddeus Cooley
Reuben Cooley
1789 tax lists. Reuben turned 21 about 1789

15 Jul 1790
James Newell
Abram Cooley
A Cooley
1789 tax lists

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I found additional evidence that seems to link Thadeus and Abraham Cooley.

A book on civil war includes letters from a private John T Cooley writing
to his cousin Julia Ann (Cooley) Price in 1864. Julia Ann Cooley Price
was the daughter of Benjamin F Cooley, Abraham's son. Pvt John T Cooley
was the son of John Tucker Cooley Sr, who was the son of Daniel Cooley,
son of Thadeus (listed as Tucker Cooley, son of Daniel in Thadeus' 1814
will). I found another posting indicating Daniel's children were John
Tucker and Sally Cooley (below), which also supports John Tucker as son of
Daniel. John Tucker Sr. lived his life in Wythe and Tazewell Counties,
near to descendents of Thadeus. Abraham and his children lived in Grayson
and Carroll Counties.

Given this info, the letters seem to provide strong evidence that Thadeus
and Abraham were brothers.




2. DAVID2 COLLINS (DAVID1) was born Abt. 1787 in Montgomery Co., Va., and
died March 1866 in Wythe Co., Va. He married ELIZABETH STEPHENS Bef. 1815.

Notes for DAVID COLLINS:Listed in Wythe Co. census records
1820/30/40/50/60 1831 Mar 15: David and Elizabeth sold land in Montgomery
Co., Stoney Creek on Main Rd. 1832 Mar 6: David and Elizabeth sold land in
Montgomery Co. (formerly owned by David Collins)

Notes for ELIZABETH STEPHENS: She was the widow of Daniel Cooley (son of
Thaddeus Cooley) and mother of 2 children, John Tucker and Sally Cooley)
when she married David Collins.


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