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In the 1820 census Mercer County, Ky. there is a John Cooley, under 45 with
a young family and also a Matthew Cooley, over 45. Does anyone know who
these Cooley's are? I did not find them there in 1830. The Cooley Cemetery
is probably tied to these families. It is unlikely John Cooley, Sr. would
have been buried there since it is different counties, unless these
boundaries changed.

 John Kirkland died in Mercer County, Ky. 1837, buried in the Cooley
Cemetery. According to the census, I did not find any Cooley's living in
Mercer Co., in 1830. It is difficult to believe, there is no connection
between this Cooley Cemetery and our Cooley's since John Kirkland's sister,
Margaret Kirkland White was a granddaughter in law of John Cooley, Sr.

John Cooley, Sr.
John Cooley and Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White's parents were Margaret Kirkland and Randolph White,
neighbors in Casey County to John Cooley, Sr.
Randolph White and Margaret Kirkland were married in Mercer County, Ky. in
Four of the White children married four of the John Cooley, Sr. descendants
in Missouri.
Jane Wisdom
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