Sarah Cooley Hill

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According to the above website, she was born in 1 Jul 1797 in North
Carolina and died 12 Dec 1888 in Dickenson County, VA. She married
Cornelius Vanover. Her father, says the website, was William Hill.

This is what I say about William Hill at

Hill, William (1737-1834) was born in Caroline county and began his career
as a Baptist minster there. He married Hannah Elizabeth Halbert in Rowan
County, 1758. His son, Robert Hill, served in the Revolution under Major
Richard Goode and later became the Secretary of State for North Carolina.

John Cooley and Richard Goode served from Caroline county in 1755. If true
that William Hill named his daughter Sarah Cooley Hill, it's interesting
that we are now considering that John's wife was a Sarah.

The fact that Hill was a Baptist minister is also interesting. John's son,
Edward Cooley, helped found the Baptist Church near Stokes county, and
Perrin Cooley is said to have been a Baptist minister in Randolph county

I wonder if this thickens the plot.

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