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I am in. Do you know any male descendents of Abraham?
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>I think most of us agree that a yDNA test on a descendant of Abraham
> Cooley, who also lived in Surry co NC, would be useful. If he's a match to
> the Stokes county Cooleys our research would pretty much be turned on end.
> (For example, could some of the sons now assigned to John be assigned
> instead to Abraham? And a match would tell us that Abraham and John were
> brothers. Abraham's generally-accepted roots in England would be yet
> another piece of evidence for John's possible English origins.) If there
> is no match, then we would know, and our collective mind would be settled
> on the issue.
> There are about 40 people currently subscribed to the list. If each of us
> contributed $5 we'd have more than enough to pay for a test. But probably
> fewer than half that number have posted to the list, and I can't be sure
> that they are not the only people reading it. But $10 from fifteen of us
> would pretty much get us there. I can probably manage an notice for a
> "donor" in the next issue of the Cooley Communique and would be happy to
> post to the Cooley Forum at genforum--and stay on top of it.
> I'd be happy to set up an account for the purpose if enough people think
> it's a good idea.
> Let me know.
> -Michael
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