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From: Patrick Cooley <>
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 15:16:08 -0800 (PST)

Nice idea Michael. This is a very charitable idea, as well. I would certainly be
willing to donate to the cause.

I have not tested myself mostly mainly due to too little disposable income.
Although, I am also pretty confident of my descent from Edward as I am sure you
are equally confident in your descent, as well. So, I guess I am wondering if
there would be any earth moving benefit to a yDNA test for myself. I have not
quite caught up to where Abraham fits in to the equation but, it creates an
interesting curiosity that Edward's son Stephen named his two sons, and only
children, Daniel and Abraham. Few names in that particular time period were
derived from non familial sources.

Patrick Cooley

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Sent: Sun, November 27, 2011 7:00:26 PM
Subject: An idea

I think most of us agree that a yDNA test on a descendant of Abraham
Cooley, who also lived in Surry co NC, would be useful. If he's a match to
the Stokes county Cooleys our research would pretty much be turned on end.
(For example, could some of the sons now assigned to John be assigned
instead to Abraham? And a match would tell us that Abraham and John were
brothers. Abraham's generally-accepted roots in England would be yet
another piece of evidence for John's possible English origins.) If there
is no match, then we would know, and our collective mind would be settled
on the issue.

There are about 40 people currently subscribed to the list. If each of us
contributed $5 we'd have more than enough to pay for a test. But probably
fewer than half that number have posted to the list, and I can't be sure
that they are not the only people reading it. But $10 from fifteen of us
would pretty much get us there. I can probably manage an notice for a
"donor" in the next issue of the Cooley Communique and would be happy to
post to the Cooley Forum at genforum--and stay on top of it.

I'd be happy to set up an account for the purpose if enough people think
it's a good idea.

Let me know.


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