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BTW, brothers Thomas and Edward (Edward, John) went to Appanoose county IA
by c1850, where Millard was born. Their nephew, David--from whom I
descend, showed up there also, moving across the border to Putnam co MO.

These Cooleys are well-documented in census records, etc. Millard's death
certificate is a mess--and it says that his father was born in England,
decidedly not true. But the strong tradition of English descent down the
various lines is very telling and can't be ignored.

A story passed down through a brother of Aaron's (James Armstrong Cooley)
that the Cooleys were Jacobites, fighting for Bonny Prince Charlie,
perhaps at Culloden Moor. The older Cooley brothers were sent to London
and hanged and the younger ones transported to America. Apparently,
Chuck's relatives in MO regularly went to kirkings. A piece of tartan
passed down through the family and was buried with his father. I've
studied Culloden Moor but could find no Cooleys. However, our DNA reveals
a relationship to the Scottish Chieftain Somerled. His descendants, the
McDonalds, were definitely there. The son of one of the McDonald
transportees, John McDonald, served with Richard Goode and John Cooley in
the Virginia Regiment, 1755.

Very interesting story but I can't make it fit!


> Was his father A.W. or S.E.?
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>> Regarding Millard F Cooley (Aaron, Edward, Edward, John)
>> History of Fremont and Mills County, Iowa
>> Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1901.
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