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Death certificates for Millard and his brother William are at

The listed parents for Millard are screwy but it's right for his brother.

Millard died as a farmer in 1927 in Moab UT.


> In an article about a young man named Paul Lester White:
> --quote--
> Paul never served, as he died on September 20, 1918, just 8 days after
> registering for the draft. He died as the result of a gunshot wound he
> received in a shotgun and pistol duel. Paul was the Deputy Sheriff in
> Cuba, Missouri. Apparently, Paul had been called to check on a disturbance
> at the Cuba Hotel. As he stepped through the door, he was shot in the
> abdomen by a shotgun blast, at the hands of M.F. Cooley, proprietor of the
> hotel.
> After being shot, Paul was placed on the train in Cuba, to be taken to the
> hospital at St. Louis. He lost consciousness en route, and died between
> Sullivan and St. Clair.
> Paul is buried at the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, located in Cuba,
> Missouri.
> --endquote--
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