Millard F Cooley killed a man

From: Michael Cooley <>
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 23:25:24 -0700

In an article about a young man named Paul Lester White:

Paul never served, as he died on September 20, 1918, just 8 days after
registering for the draft. He died as the result of a gunshot wound he
received in a shotgun and pistol duel. Paul was the Deputy Sheriff in
Cuba, Missouri. Apparently, Paul had been called to check on a disturbance
at the Cuba Hotel. As he stepped through the door, he was shot in the
abdomen by a shotgun blast, at the hands of M.F. Cooley, proprietor of the

After being shot, Paul was placed on the train in Cuba, to be taken to the
hospital at St. Louis. He lost consciousness en route, and died between
Sullivan and St. Clair.

Paul is buried at the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, located in Cuba,
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