"Dutch Cooleys" briefly revisited

From: Michael Cooley <michael_at_newsummer.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 11:31:26 -0700

Anyone who has corresponded with me on the topic knows how passionate I am
about the Dutch thing. My latest writing about is now the default page for
johncooley.net -- Current plans are that an edited-down version of it will
appear in the next issue of The Cooley Communique, the newsletter for the
Cooley Family Association of America.

Speaking of the CFAA, the board has appointed me as a second Vice
President. The plan is that I will be able to help them move in a less
Benjamin-centric direction. If you've not joined because the organization
seems too involved with the descendants of Ensign Benjamin Cooley, you
might want to reconsider.

And back to the Dutch thing, this table clearly lays out the genetic
evidence: http://ancestraldata.com/ahnentafel/256/tables4paper.html -- the
footnotes are presently incomplete.

(Don't worry, I'll slow down on these emails. I just want to get some of
the latest info out there.)

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