[List] Ancestry.com and One World Tree

Mary Cooley mlcooley at charter.net
Fri Sep 7 09:00:34 PDT 2007

Yesterday I uploaded onto Ancestry.com a GEDCOM of my family tree after
reading their privacy policy.  I do belong to Ancestry.  Today I got a
message that I had added two persons - one of them was my husband - with his
full name!  (I did not!)  My tree includes every name in my file - my
children, parents, myself, my husband, etc. - all living!  Does anyone know
if this is just because I belong to Ancestry and can access my own
information?  Is this information really available to everyone?  My
siblings, their children, spouses, etc. are included in the information that
I can access.  Birthdates are not included - but Ancestry's policy states
that they protect private information.  I am incensed!!  Am I missing




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