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I don't have an exact date on this but would have been after 1920 & before
1934.  This is from a handwritten list of questions from Mildred (Cooley)
Tallent - and answered by my husband's g-grandfather, John Pierce Cooley:


1.     "What was your grandfather's two given names?

a.    Joseph

2.    Was it in Howard Co., MO that your grandfather settler?

a.    Clay County (He might have settled in Howard Co. before Clay, but my
father always spoke of Clay Co.)

3.    What was the full name of your Uncle E__ _____ Cooley?

a.    Eli Cazey Cooley

4.    What was the full name of your uncle C_____ _______ Cooley?

a.    Christopher Columbus Cooley.  He married Nancy Officer - Sept 30-1843

5.    Did your father have another name beside Jackson?

a.    No

6.    What were the full names of the uncles (two) uncles who stayed in MO?

a.    Harry and Frank (Do not know their middle names)  Frank was a surgeon
in the Union Army throughout the Civil War.

7.    Or did these two uncles move to some other state:

a.    No

8.    What was the full name (married name) of your Aunt?

a.    Evaline (Mrs. James Officer)

9.    Would you mind giving me a list of your brothers and sisters and state
where they live if not deceased:

a.    Frank Cooley 1510 Fifth St., Salem, Ore.

b.    Joseph Cooley 598 Gaines Ave., Salem, Ore.

c.    Davis B. Cooley 1804 San Malricoirs (unclear) St., Compton, Calif.

d.    (Mrs.) Susan Moore, Gervais, Oregon

e.    (Mrs.) Virginia Kirkland, Oakland, Calif. 2136 - 12 Ave.

10.  Do you know the maiden name of your grandmother Cooley?

a.    Cazey




*Note: The reason I ask about your own family is that I may distinguish them
from two other families of Cooley's I have found who live in Oregon.

            If you have any old records could you write year of birth after
the names of your uncles & bro & sisters? Thanks very much.

            Answer - no records


[Added by John P. Cooley]:  There is another family of Cooleys living here,
though as far as we know, no relation.  However, the original George Cooley,
one of the first settlers in Brownsville, came from Virginia, as did my
grandfather.  His son, William Curren Cooley still lives here.  (This is in




{again the statement that Joseph Cooley came from Virginia!}

Mary Cooley


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