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....just arrived:

Stephen L Cooley
Born 9 Sep 1842 at "Marion"
Died 7 Jan 1918
Father Rubin Cooley
Birthplace England
Mother Elizabeth Followel
Birthplace "Marion"

Well, I have to give up on the idea that Reuben (1779-1850+) may have been
Stephen's grandfather rather than his father. :) (Although, it's still
possible he had a son Reuben, father of Reuben, but there seems to be zero
evidence of it.)

Reuben's birthplace listed as England brings up several questions. First of
all, if it's true he was born there then it's unlikely he was part of John's
family. But it's possible that the informant, S M Cooley (Samuel Merritt
Cooley) got the traditional descent mixed up with his grandfather's birth. If
the latter is true, then the England hypothesis becomes stronger:

1. (From my John Cooley article at johncooley.net)
A 1929 story written about Elizabeth Cooley Brewer, a grand-daughter of
John's, states that "she was the daughter of Edward and Martha Raper Cooley
and was of English descent."

2. (Also from my John Cooley article at johncooley.net)
In a note written to my father by his aunt Vernal Shelton, she says that "[he]
came from England in early part of 18 century." Unfortunately, she said that
about John's son Edward, which was decidedly not the case.

3. This was part of an email sent to me by Don Cooley. (I may have included it
earlier.) It's extracted from letters by his cousin, Dale Walker, and refers
to John Cooley (Joseph, John).


> > This document has the contents of 4 letters
> written by Dale Walker of St. Louis Mo. to his
> second cousin, Irene Gleason.
> > The following was recorded by the family of Wilkey
> Cooley who was the great grandson of John Cooley:


> > John was a full blooded Englishman and when he
> first came to this part of the country, he settled
> near the present site of Kansas City, at Cooley's
> Lake.  He later moved to Boonville, MO (Old
> Frankline).  Both died in Randolph Co.   Elizabeth
> is buried in the Mark Teter graveyard about 5 miles
> west of Jacksonville , MO.  John ran the salt works
> at Burton Station in Howard County:  he was murdered
> and is buried in a cemetery in Burton Station.


The interesting thing is that no one says the John Cooley of Stokes County was
born in England. But if Reuben of Marion County does prove to be John's son
(or grandson as some claim) then we have at least four statements of an
English descent.

Perhaps a gathering of land deeds from Stokes Co NC and Lincoln, Casey,
Washington and Marion Counties KY will show proof as to whether or not this
Reuben was the son named in the 1804 deed.
 But there is a surefire method to quickly prove or disprove that Reuben was
even of the family: yDNA! I'm presently pursuing a lead on a possible
candidate. Does anyone else have any ideas? The three sons we can attribute to
Reuben are George W Cooley, (1804-1880+), Stephen L Cooley (1843-1918) and
Cornelius  Cooley  (1844-).



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