Could this cemetery be where John Cooley, son of Joseph is buried? What about James Cooley, son of John, Sr.??

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This is a message I received today from Nancy Meadows, the same person that located the Randolph White burial site two years ago. Nancy thinks this is very close to Burton Station in Randolph County, Mo. where John Cooley, son of Joseph was murdered in 1844. I have read that he was buried in a nearby cemetery.
There is another connection to this Burnam family. Nancy mentions the stones she found of the children of Sophia Burnam and William Mobley. Sophia is a sister to Susan Burnam that married Pleasant Wilson. Their father was Henry Burnam, Jr. Pleasant Wilson was the Administrator for the will of James Cooley, son of John Cooley, Sr. when he died in 1829. Do we know where James Cooley lived at that time and do we know where he is buried? It is possible the cemetery mentioned here was started after both John and James Cooley's death but it is also possible one or more of the Cooleys are buried here. Nancy has sent pictures of the land where the cemetery is located if anyone would like to see them, let me know. I descend from Mastin Burnam, a brother to both Susan Burnam Wilson and Sophia Burnam Mobley. I also descend from John Cooley, son of Joseph likely neighbor of Henry Burnam, Jr. The Burnam's also migrated from Kentucky and were active in the horse business in Mo.
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Hi Jane,
I'm 99% sure I was in the Burnam Cemetery yesterday! I didn't find any engraved Burnam stones, but did find three Mobley's, children of William & Sophia (Burnam/Burnham) Mobley. The only other engraved stones were Brooks and one Ornburn, a married Brooks daughter. There are several graves marked with fieldstones. This cemetery is going to be names the Brooks-Mobley Cemetery, and is only about 100 yds from the land that Henry Burnam homesteaded in 1837 & 1839 (if I remember right). I'll be making a listing for the historical societies and then putting it on findagrave. In the meantime, I thought you might like to see pics of the land your ancestor settled. No sign of any buildings or foundations except a well not far from the cem.
The land has been in the same family for almost 100 years, and while it's overgrown in brush and all the stones are down, they are in good shape. The current owner remembers going there since childhood and looking at the stones and then turning them facedown to protect them. It has never been recorded and hasn't showed up in any county records that I can find, so this is another one that does my good! I hope to go back this winter when the growth has died down and the ground will be softer (hopefully) to see if I can find any other stones, but it's doubtful.. The owner seemed to think we found all the ones he remembered ever seeing, but of course that doesn't mean anything for sure.
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