Re: Fw: Info from Bonnie on Elias Cooley

From: Michael Cooley <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 16:31:02 -0700

I get all your emails, Bonnie.

The "phishing" message isn't coming from the server. It's either being
generated by your ISP or your email program. And it doesn't mean that the
email bounced. They're not bouncing. It has just occurred to me what's
probably happening:

The outgoing mail server is reformatting the header information and is
writing the "To"" field as "undisclosed.recipients" and all of the email
addresses are written as Blind CC's. Spam filters are often configured to
regard an email that has a To: field not having a legit email address with
a bunch of Blind CC's attached to it as spam--because it is a common
method used by spammers. What you're receiving is your copy of the list
email--just as everyone on the list does--but the spam filters are warning
you that the email was generated in a manner that is consistent with
methods used by spammers.

You can adjust the filters on your email client or through your provider.
The easiest thing to do would to put the John Cooley Mailing List in your
"white list." Or you can just ignore the warning since the emails are
clearly legit.

I probably need to rewrite the script. Creating it to send out BCC's is a
lot easier than writing it to create X number of separate emails. The
outgoing mail server does that anyway, but does it in a manner that makes
spam filters think it could be spam.

In brief: What you're receiving is the legit list emails. The spam filter
you're using just finds its formatting suspicious.

So...back to the Cooleys: Who are all these children found in Elias's
household in 1840? Are they his step-children?


> Michael, I sent this to the list for Bonnie but don't think it went
> through as I did not receive it back.
> Jane
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> Subject: Info from Bonnie on Elias Cooley
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> From: Bonnie & Craig Lillywhite
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> Subject: Returned "phishing" emails
> Well, I tried again but no luck getting anything through to Michael. I
> have more info on Elias Cooley. His first wife was Nancy R Bunch. They
> married 7 Jan 1852 in Chariton County, MO. Nancy md 1) a Mr Turner. The
> son listed as Clinton is really Dewitt Clinton Cooley b Jan 1861, prob in
> Chariton County, MO and d 22 Sep 1915 in Owasso, Tulsa, OK.
> If you could forward that to Michael, I'd appreciate that.
> I don't know what I'm doing or not doing as far as sending them from my
> computer, but it just always comes back to me marked as a "Phishing"
> email.
> Bonnie
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