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Sorry, I am not familiar with Arthur Kiergan...but was he a Reverend? I
saw a family tree where he was listed as Arthur Moore Kiergan. On Ancestry
I found a few newspaper articles about a "Rev. A. M. Kiergan" in the
"Chilicothe Morning Constitution" of Chilicothe, Missouri. The article is
dated 03 April 1891 and says:
"Rev. A. M. Kiergan has moved the office of the Good Way to the Bratton
building south of the City Hall, and will follow the example of the
Constitution and put in a water motor. He has lately added new presses to
his plant." The "Good Way" was a publication. Is this the same Arthur

Mary Cooley

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If you concur, Sandra, then I think we have this one solved. :) Too bad
Rick isn't around to voice his opinion.


> I agree! I came to the same conclusion a few weeks ago and started an
> email to
> you with this idea. I then had email problems. Interesting that I
> started out
> with the "Dolly is a nickname for Dorothy" as you did.
> Sandy
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> I have a theory. :)
> Consider the following:
> Dolly is a nickname for Dorothy.
> Arthur Kiergan wrote that his mother, Dorothy Cooley, had first married
> the brother of Tink and Benjamin Cooley. He stated that his mother had
> three sons from this first marriage. Here's the 1840 census for Cornelius:
> Ray County
> p 332 Cornelius Cooley, Fishing River Township
> 21001-00001
> 2 males 0-4
> 1 male 5-9
> 1 male 20-29
> 1 female 20-29
> The bio for Mathias Cooley, son of Cornelius and "Dolly," says that he had
> three brothers.
> 1830s - three sons born to Cornelius
> 1840+ - possibly another son born
> 1843 - Cornelius died
> 1848 - Arthur born
> Ray county, where Cornelius lived, is next door to Carroll County where
> Arthur was born. The whole family should be there in 1850 but I'm not
> finding them.
> Arthur said his older half brothers were:
> Joseph died in CW in 1863
> Michael murdered by Mormons in "Eutah"
> John William accidentally killed at age 12
> But why would Mathias not be known by Arthur? And why did Cornelius
> request Mathias be adopted by the Wilsons, especially if he had three more
> sons? He was off to Oregon in 1845, three years before Arthur was born.
> Arthur might not have known anything about him, particularly if some kind
> of family secret was involved. Perhaps this might explain why Don Cooley
> and Rick Ernst couldn't find an autosomol match.
> The 1840 census for Cornelius gives two sons 0-4. One would have been
> Mathias. If there was a fourth son, he could have been born c1840-43.
> That Dorothy Cooley (died 1851) could have been remembered as Dolly White
> is not surprising, especially since her mother was Elizabeth White.
> Am I way out there or does it make sense? I can't find these families in
> 1850, Carroll county where Arthur was born. They were either not
> enumerated or were missed in the indexing. I'll later go through every
> page.
> -Michael
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