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Here is what I found on Mathis/Matthews - although it is not all that I
found previously, since I don't have a Perrin yet!:

History of the Mathis Family

Bulloch Genealogy by Roger Allen
Mathis clan makes move to Bulloch

    Many in Bulloch County recognize that the Mathis’ and Matthews’ families
were some of the first to settle in the area. Their first ancestor, as far
as I have been able to ascertain, would be Robert Edward Mathis. He came
from the small Welsh town of Mathias. Robert was born in 1640, and married
Sarah Bishop. They had two children: James Ezekiel Mathis, born in 1670 and
Edmund Mathis, born in 1675.

    Ezekiel married Elizabeth Boddie in 1714, and they had seven children:
Sarah, Mary, Enos, Unity, Moses, Edmund R.S. and Elizabeth. Their family
sailed from Liverpool in August of 1720. His father, Robert, may have
accompanied him, as it is reported that two Mathis families sailed for
Jamestown, Va., arriving in November of 1720.

    Records show that a Robert Mathis went to northern Pennsylvania, and
Edmund stayed in Virginia. Edmund R.S. (as he is known to Genealogists) was
born in 1720 in the Isle of Wight area of Virginia. He is considered to be
the first American ancestor of the Bulloch County Mathis families.

    In Virginia, there were several new ways the family name was being
spelled: Matthias, Matthis, Mathews, and Matthews. Edmund R.S. married Mary
Mollie Price, and it is suspected at least one other woman whose name has
not survived. Mary eloped with Edmund after her father refused to give his
consent. She rode some 650 miles with Edmund to the place that became their
new home: Taylor Bridge Township in North Carolina.

    Edmund is said to have had at least one other wife and had a total of 22
children, not all of whom made it to childhood (as many as five are said to
have died in infancy). Those said to be Edmund’s children are: Edmund Jr.,
Edmund III, Elizabeth, Esther, Ezekiel Jr., Harmon, Rice, Jemima, Lazarus,
Mary Ann, Olive, Oliver, Sarah, James, Tomsin (or Tomzin), Sabra, Zacheus,
Edith (also called Eady or Edah), John, Annie and Thomas, along with several
whose names are unknown.

    Edmond served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War from 1776 to 1778.
He (apparently) was his company’s fiddler and served under Captain Turner in
the Duplin County Militia (part of which later became Sampson County).
Several of his sons are also listed as having served under Captain Turner,
whose company was actually mustered at the Mathis plantation. Edmund Jr.
served as the Justice of the Peace for several years in Duplin County, N.C.

    He built a big plantation at the Six Runs Branch of the Black River. He
quickly established himself as the owner of the largest naval stores
business in the Wilmington, N.C. area, shipping tar, pitch, turpentine and
produce by raft to Wilmington. While on business he traveled to Georgia and
decided to settle in Bulloch County, establishing the BC branch of the
Mathis clan. Edmund died and was buried in Duplin County in 1783.

    Edmund’s son Rice was born in 1754 and married Civility (or Civil) Goff
in 1773. They had six children: sons, John (born in 1774), Edmund (born in
1776) and James (born in 1786); and three daughters, whose names are not
known. Rice died in Duplin County, N.C. in 1793.

    Rice’s son John married Phoebe Alderman, and after she died, married
Susannah Edmondson. Some researchers say that Edmund also married Susannah’s
sister, Nancy, after she died, and that as many as 11 of the children may be
hers. John and his wives had a total of 23 children. They were David, James,
Rice, Neil, Thomas, Civil, Jemima, Miles, Elizabeth, Riley, Rebecca, Nancy,
Phoebe, John, Matthew, Sarah, Pollie, Martha, Edmond, Susannah, Henry M.,
Hiram Monk and Saleta Ann.

     John and his wives moved from North Carolina to Bulloch County, Ga., in
1803. Here, John served as the Justice of the Inferior Court in Captain Fred
Williams’ District of BC, and then as the Sheriff of BC from 1816 until 1822
and from 1825 through 1826. Eventually, John and some of his family moved to
Lowndes County. Many of his children, however, stayed behind in Bulloch

    Rice’s son Edmund married Unity Register and they had four children:
Bunyan (born in 1800), John (born in 1802), Tyre (born in 1810) and Nancy
(born in 1812). They settled in Bulloch County for a while, and then some of
them moved (apparently) first to Appling and then to Lowndes County.

    Rice’s third son, James, married Rhoda Monk, and they had at least seven
children: Wealthy, Pollie, Phoebe, Elizabeth, John, Mahlon and James W.
While they spent time in Bulloch, they lived first in Appling, and then
Lowndes County, Ga.

    You can E-mail comments to Roger at roger 5263
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[The above story is attached to Thomasina "Tomzin" Mathis]:
Thomasina 'Tomzin' Mathis
Birth ABT 1703 in New Hanover Co., NC
Death 1768 in , New Hanover, North Carolina, USA
  Married Rice Price III abt 1716 in New Hanover Co., NC
Rice Price III
Birth 1680 in Virginia
Death 17 SEP 1756 in New Hanover Co., NC

RICE PRICE b. 1680-1690 Cardiff, Glamorshire,Wales. d. 1753 Lunenburg Co VA
m. (2) THOMASINA (TOMZIN) MATHIS 1718 New Hanover Co NC b. 1703 New Haven Ct
d. 1768

WILL: September 27 1756. Sons: Richard, James Edmond (to each is bequeathed
negroes). Wife and Executrix: Tomzin. Executor: Richard Price. Witness:
John Rogers, Henry Harker, Wm Pearse. Clerk of the court Ja. Moran

Children of Rice and Elizabeth
         JOHN PRICE b. 1715 d. Jan 1802

Children of Rice and Tomasina
         JAMES PRICE b. 1719 d. 1795
         EDWARD PRICE ** b. 1721 d. May 28 1789
         RICHARD PRICE b. 1724
         MARY (MOLLY) PRICE b. 1725 d. 1813
         JOHN PRICE b. 1726 New Hanover Co NC
         RICE PRICE b. 1730 New Hanover Co NC d. 1790 Johnston Co NC
         EDMOND PRICE b. 1731 New Hanover Co NC
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Rice (Rees) Price Will
   The Will of Rice Price preserved in the Papers from the Office of
Secretary of State, NC, Sept 27, 1756 bequeaths to his sons, Richard, James
and Edmund negroes. Wife and Executrix: Tomzin. Executor: Richard Price.
Witnesses: John Rogers, Henry Harker, W,. Pearse. Clerk of the Court: Ja.
Moran He does not give Mary Price Mathis as his daughter. Mary was witness
to her brother James Price' s Will. Signed her name as Mary Price; when the
will was probated or proven in court by Mary Price, she signed her name as
Mary Mathis. The will was proven in court Mar, 1776 (the will was made in
1765). Also in the will it states:lastly I nominate & appoint my wife Sarah
Price, my bother Thomas Price executors of this last Will and Testament.This
info came from Michelle King

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Mary C.

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Apparently, Tandy Matthews is thought to be buried at Loves United
Methodist Church Cemetery, which Edward Cooley help found:

> Sorry, I forgot to add this info:
> Title page:
> "A History of Henry County, Virginia"
> with
> Biographical Sketches of its most prominent Citizens
> and
> Genealogical Histories of Half a Hundred of its Oldest Families
> by Judith Parks America Hill
> Martinsville, Virginia
> 1925
> Matthews Family, Page 221 - 223
> Page 221
> Three brothers came from Wales, but Tandy Matthews was the only one that
> stopped near. He settled in North Carolina, near Germanton, born 1773,
> married Betsy Hill, and they reared the following children: Robert,
> William,
> James, Tandy, Caleb, Eliza, Patsy, and Calvin. He married a second time,
> Pink Coffer, and there was only one child; Marcella. He was the owner of
> 2,000 acres of land and 150 slaves. He died in 1855.
> Robert Matthews the eldest of the family was born about 1797, married
> Mary
> Critz, and reared one child only; William. He also gave a home while his
> grandson John Hill Matthews, was finishing his education, to the latter,
> at
> Germanton, N. C., where they had a good High School.
> William Matthews married Mary Staples, a sister of Col. Geo. Staples, of
> Spencer.
> James Matthews was born in 1799, married Eliza Allen, daughter of Robert
> Allen, and bought the old Allen home place near Ridgeway, "Lewiston", when
> the Allens moved to Mississippi in the thirties, nearly a century ago, and
> here he reared his family. (Dr. Brengle Place). Issue: Robert, Edward,
> Mary, William, Celia, David, Caleb, and Eliza Jane. Two died in infancy,
> and James when seven years of age fell from a rail fence and died
> instantly.
> Tandy Matthews, Jr., and Eliza, never married.
> Patsy married Col. Bitting, of North Carolina.
> Caleb Matthews was a lawyer, and located at Germanton, N.C.
> Calvin Matthews married Lucy Mullins, daughter of Henry Mullins of Henry
> County, and reared two children, John Hill, and Thomas Calvin. The latter
> died in early life, unmarried.
> Page 222 - 223
> Of the children of James Matthews, and Eliza Allen we note as follows:
> Robert Matthews married Sarah Abingdon. Issue: James married Mollie
> Koger,
> Bettie and John neither married, Celia married William Marshall, William
> never married, and George md. Miss Purdy.
> Edward Matthews married Elizabeth Dalton. Their children were: Eliza
> who
> first married William King, 2nd, Hannibal Simpson; Mary married Thomas
> Seamore, of Virginia; Ginnie married a Heggie; Thomas married Sallie
> Adams,
> and was killed in the Civil War; William married Sallie Stuart; and Mary
> married a Dalton no issue.
> William Matthews married Mrs. Antoinette Conrad. Issue: Sallie, and
> Frank. The latter never married.
> David Matthews married Charlotte Dalton, of Stoneville N. C. Their
> children were: Rober who died; aleb married Sarah Elizabeth (Trottle)
> King;
> Leonard Matthews married Elizabeth Price; John never married; Walter
> married
> Nannie Davenport
> Celia Matthews married Zachary Wall. Issue; James, Walter, Mollie,
> Nannie, Charlie, Granville, John, Hunter Muncey and Catrina.
> Eliza Jane Matthews (Mitt) married George Shelton King of Patrick
> County,
> in 1868. Their children were: Beulah married John Smisth; Sarah Elizabeth
> married Caleb Matthews; Anna married Mat Holland; James King married
> Mattie
> Holland; George married Mamie Pulliam, of Kings, N. C.; Caleb married
> Fannie
> Hunter, of Kernersville, N. .; Charles married Lily Pratt; Frank married
> Minnie Taylor, of Stoneville.
> Sallie Matthews, the only daughter of William Matthews, and Mrs.
> Antoinette Conrad, married William Glenn, a nephew of Gov. Glenn of N. C.
> John Hill Matthews, son of Calvin Matthews and Lucy Mullins, was born on
> Meadow creek in Henry County, Dec. 7, 1837 (See Biography Chapter). He
> married, Annie, the daughter of James M. Morris; 2nd, Sallie Craghead, the
> daughter of Thomas and Lucinda Craghead, of Franklin; 3rd, Loula Shelton,
> daughter of Peter Shelton, of this county. Children of second union only
> were: Lucy Matthews married T. P Parish of Smithfield, Va; Minnie Matthews
> married George Akers Brown, (See Brown Family); Annie Matthews married Dr.
> Rob. R. Lee, of Martinsville; Thomas Calvin Matthews, married Ida Coleman.
> He has been Circuit Court Clerk of Henry county many years.
> [Note: Tandy Matthews was not one of the brothers who came to America
> from
> Wales! He was a descendant of one of the 3 brothers.]
> ALSO, the Find A Grave info:
> James Matthews
> Birth: Aug. 12, 1739
> Death: Mar. 14, 1825
> Note: Born in Ireland. "Irish Jimmy" fought in the Revolutionay War.
> Burial: Matthews Cemetery, Southport, Maury County, Tennessee, USA
> Created by: Roy Hensel
> Record added: Jan 15, 2008
> Find A Grave Memorial# 23981342
> James Matthews
> Birth: Aug. 12, 1739
> Death: Mar. 15, 1825
> 85-07-03. Revolutionary War Soldier
> 1739?�?1825
> 1. James Matthews (1739?�?1825), son of James Matthew Sr. and his wife
> Mary
> (McGill) Matthews was born in Pennsylvania on 12 August 1739. After the
> death of his father he became "Sr.," and that is on his tombstone in the
> Matthews Cemetery in Maury County, Tennessee. James purchased 500 acres of
> land near John Hanna and raised his family on Stewart Creek, Surrey
> County,
> North Carolina. He participated in the Battle of Alamance as a
> "Regulator."
> After the outbreak of the Revolutionary War he enlisted as a private in
> the
> North Carolina Line as a resident of Guilford County. He served as a
> private
> in Blount's Company, North Carolina troops, for eighteen months, beginning
> 17 December 1779. Next, he enlisted on 14 June 1781 for a twelve-month
> term
> in CPT Thomas Donoho's Company, 4th Regiment North Carolina Continental
> Line. About 1810 he moved his family from Mecklenburg County, North
> Carolina, with the family of Samuel Scott other members of the Associate
> Reformed Presbyterian Church to Maury County, Tennessee, settling in the
> Campbellsville Pike area. James was a co-founder of the Hopewell A.R.P.
> Church. He died on 15 March 1825, and was buried in the Matthews Cemetery
> in
> Maury County. In his last will and testament, which he executed on 4 June
> 1819, he mentioned his surveying instruments.
> James married Miss Mary Doak on 5/6 February 1766 in Rowan County (which
> later became Guilford County), North Carolina. She was born in Lunenburg
> County, Virginia, on 30 June 1749, and died in Maury County, Tennessee, on
> 7
> March 1833, aged "near 84 years." James and Mary (Doak) Matthews had six
> sons and six daughters, and at least three of them moved to Maury County
> with their parents.
> Information provided by Earl
> One of the founders of the Hopewell A.R.P. Church
> Family links:
> Spouse: Mary Doak Matthews (1749 - 1833)
> Children:
> John Matthews (1768 - 1839)*
> Martha Matthews Hanna (1770 - 1835)*
> *Calculated relationship
> Burial: Matthews Cemetery, Southport, Maury County, Tennessee, USA
> Created by: Mary Bob McClain
> Record added: Mar 08, 2009
> Find A Grave Memorial# 34575532
> Mary Doak Matthews
> Birth: Jun. 30, 1749
> Death: Mar. 7, 1833
> Family links:
> Spouse: James Matthews (1739 - 1825)*
> Children:
> John Matthews (1768 - 1839)*
> Martha Matthews Hanna (1770 - 1835)*
> *Calculated relationship
> Note: Wife of James Matthews, she and he were born in Ireland.
> Burial: Matthews Cemetery, Southport, Maury County, Tennessee, USA
> Created by: Roy Hensel
> Record added: Jan 15, 2008
> Find A Grave Memorial# 23981366
> John Matthews
> Birth: Oct. 24, 1768
> Death: Jul. 20, 1839
> John Matthews Esq.
> This cemetery was begun by him; son of James & Mary Doak; Justice of Peace
> War 1812
> Family links:
> Parents:
> James Matthews (1739 - 1825)
> Mary Doak Matthews (1749 - 1833)
> Spouse: Margaret Matthews (____ - 1841)
> Children:
> Jinny H Matthews (1795 - 1864)*
> *Calculated relationship
> Note: tombstone badly shaled
> Burial: Matthews Cemetery, Southport, Maury County, Tennessee, USA
> Created by: Mary Bob McClain
> Record added: Mar 08, 2009
> Find A Grave Memorial# 34575611
> Martha Matthews Hanna
> Birth: Dec. 11, 1770
> Death: Aug. 19, 1835
> Family links:
> Parents:
> James Matthews (1739 - 1825)
> Mary Doak Matthews (1749 - 1833)
> Spouse: James Hanna (1768 - 1854)*
> Children: Andrew Hanna (1810 - 1852)*
> *Calculated relationship
> Inscription:
> "Here lies the body of Martha Hanna. Wife of James Hanna Sr."
> Note: box tomb
> Burial: Matthews Cemetery, Southport, Maury County, Tennessee, USA
> Created by: Mary Bob McClain
> Record added: Mar 10, 2009
> Find A Grave Memorial# 34647305
> James Hanna, Sr
> Birth: Dec. 25, 1768; Virginia, USA
> Death: Sep. 16, 1854
> Family links:
> Parents:
> Samuel Hanna (____ - 1834)
> Spouse: Martha Matthews Hanna (1770 - 1835)
> Children:
> Andrew Hanna (1810 - 1852)*
> *Calculated relationship
> Burial: Matthews Cemetery, Southport, Maury County, Tennessee, USA
> Created by: Mary Bob McClain
> Record added: Mar 10, 2009
> Find A Grave Memorial# 34647286
> I am hoping to find more clues to John Cooley (c1740-c1811) in Virginia,
> etc.
> Mary Cooley
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> To Michael in particular,
> Are you familiar with this Matthews descendant or info?
> Mathews/Mathis/Matthews Family Y-DNA
> Cooley is not mentioned specifically, but there is a lot of genealogy on
> the
> Matthews line.
> Also, while searching on, I came across Mathis genealogy -
> don't remember how exactly I found this - but there was a Rice Mathis & a
> Perrin Mathis mentioned in one family. I may have been searching Tandy
> Matthews.
> Mary Cooley
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